Christchurch, bloggy day

Today I’m doing nothing. I’m just uploading my picture and update my website before I’m getting really really late. I found some free flour in the kitchen and I made noodles (thank you Wenshan :-) I have three meals for a cheap price, nice! :-)

That’s the place where I’m spending my day. It’s a bikes cemetery here!!! But this place is the best to get a strong WiFi and be able to upload videos. Tomorrow, I’m going to ride again toward mount Cook. And I don’t know when I will get WiFi again so enjoy all those picture and see you later here :-)

6 thoughts on “Christchurch, bloggy day

  1. Hello Wenshan, yes I bought a new one but I found some sweet chili sauce as well in the backpacker so I mixed with my sesame oil and soya sauce. It’s a good mixture I think :-)

  2. au fait, on ne t’a même pas souhaiter une bonne année.
    Grande nouvelle à la maison, Adé est en route pour la conduite accompagnée et elle a fait une évaluation et a trouvé ça génial.
    j’étais contente que tu trouves de la compagnie pour pédaler, tout seul en pleine nature c’est bien, mais personne pour discuter…..
    à bientôt gros bisous

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