Cairns, Botanical garden, Marco’s concert


Come back to Cairns Botanical Garden to watch, this time, Marco play cello in a concert! The first three guys are one teacher, one guy from Canberra (if I understood correctly). Apparently he plays for the best Orchestra in Australia, something like this. The last guy with the orange short is a teacher as well. Then behind all of them are students and we can see easily that they are not come from the same school because they don’t wear the same colours.


The concert takes place inside one of the big water tank but without the water, oooh. Yes I know, should be better with sharks around listening bubbling classic music hahaa ^^


This place is very cool to play music and the sound is great.


Marco is on the right hand side, difficult to see him with my bloody phone’s camera.


a zoom, ah yes better. sorry for the bad quality…


The team, hmm better to say, the orchestra! Yes much better :-) Bravo Marco!

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