Ballina > Byron bay > Upper Mongogarie


Today we are going along the coast towards Byron bay. Anton and Puantas have a friend their so they want to visit him. That’s good, I’m going to see Byron again and the water is much better than last time.


This is the spot where we slept last night. It was really quite and we didn’t get catch by the police no but the mosquitoes and the ants (fourmis) bit us all the night! We slept something like two hours, Anton a bit more, lucky him!


This is Lennox Head, I’ve been there with Sue last time when she had to get the water washer pressure (Karsher).


This time we can stop when we want and this is a nice lookout.


The last piece of land on the background is the further eastern point of Australia where the Byron bay’s light house stands. We’ve been there with Jamie already.


Let’s come back to the car park :-)


The house onto the hill has certainly a wonderful view!


Same Lennonx Head again.


Here we are, the exact same place where I stopped with Sue a month or two ago.


Same place, same view, same ocean but nice!


Aaaah, I like this. I miss surfing!


Byron bay! We are having a breakfast : a kebab… This is the first time I eat a kebab at 8:30am but the Swedish guys don’t think it’s strange at all, okay, why not. Ah yeah, something fun or surprising. Apparently Swedish guys doesn’t like cooking because all of them try to avoid it. Anton told me that when he was studying, during three years he never cooked! He went everyday out and ate Macdo, Kebab, pizzas, etc… Ouch! Fortunately, he is fit, young and he likes doing sport. Puantas, him, is looking for a princess who likes cooking (at least) haha :-) This is a solution of course but… well… good luck guys! ;-)


Look some Oz guys ;-) or maybe only tourists like me …


Once again, the beach with much more people than the last time on it.


Somewhere else… We’ve seen many surfers surfing (logic) so Anton proposed to hire one. Puantas joined their friend Joachim to his hippie backpacker so we are only two to go. We found a shop where we hired two surfboard for 15$ each during two hours. This is cool! Five years I’ve been waiting this moment! So good :-D

Wow! the surf was great! We catch some small wave and this beach is nice for beginners as well. When I will cycling along the coast down to Sydney, I will certainly have another session or two is I have got the opportunity. This is Australia! :-)


We now joined Puantas and Joachim in the hippie backpacker and Joachim is guiding us thought this amazing crazy place.


This is a room apparently, very stylish place and it’s just the beginning of the visit.


The place include even a small lake to enjoy the mosquitoes, isn’t that nice? ;-)

Ps : Lucie, some Animals you won’t like are coming, careful!


The is more “cabin” over there even if they look like big tents. With the colours, the different shapes, this area looks pretty.


Wow! Nice beast! He is even smiling for the picture ;-)


Another pause. Yes, they are not afroad at all and there is lots of them around the place. All free to go where they want even in a tent, gloups!


Such an amazing animal, like a dragon!


And we continue walking around.


There is more and more cabin. Anton is calling me, I’m behind. I could get lost here! haha


Panoramic view.


We let the cabins behind us and we are reaching the camp site area.


But before, another thing. This is a organic garden and some people get free accommodation by taking care of it. Ouuh, if I had some money to spend I’ll stay here for a while.


A artistic sculpture.


With a peace sign in the centre. Yes, it’s THE hippie place here ;-)


A panoramic view of the big, HUGE campsite.


We are now walking directly thought it the finish our loop.


The guys just seen a snake creeping (se glisser) between the tents. I’m not sure everybody will like living here but I do!


Come back to the main building. There is a swimming pool area, some billiard and good places to have a nap with some hammock around. Very, VERY nice place!


Is it a “good luck” thing? It looks like. It’s now around 5pm and we are heading Casino again. This weekend was nice, thanks guys to have invited me. I could cycle here but… well… two days is a bit short for me haha :-) See ya!

2 thoughts on “Ballina > Byron bay > Upper Mongogarie

  1. The hippie place is nice. I would like to stay at one of the colorful cabins, but not the tent area…too crowded.
    Thanks for the many photos! I feel like I’ve already been there. :D

  2. On est loin du camping sauvage !! Mais le lieu est vraiment sympathique ! Beaux paysages maritimes, dommage qu’on ne te voit pas sur ton surf !

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