Auckland > Kawakawa bay (55km, 3h)

Rah! The forecast was unfortunately right, I started under the rain this morning.


I didn’t dare to take some pictures under the rain… Now I’m coming back in the countryside and it’s better than the noisy city:-). I found this sculpture along the road and use style is good!:-) It’s like metal sculpture I think.

image image image image

There cows are really hungry I think because just I stopped and they come very close to me. One passed his head through the fence to catch something to eat.


My goal for today is “Orere point” but before doing these 10km I need to have break and eat.


This is Kawakawa bay and it’s really quiet.

image image

Fortunately I didn’t follow the rain because it’s a mess there…

During I was eating Fred, a cyclist, approached. He tell than he made different cycling tour like I’m doing, so naturally we have something in common :-). Now he is going to have a little training. Finally he comes back just when I finished my meal and he invite me to have a coffee in his house.
As we are talking, he shows me a safe place where I can sleep for free, cool:-). There is like a tiny peninsula between two bays and the place is good.
Fred and his wife Anthonia travel together and they have a little collection of bikes and beautiful ones:-).
Something like 30min later his wife comes and almost directly invite me for dinner. We discuss about travelling. They cycled in Europe, in Australia and Tasmania island. They are come from Holland like Yan :-). Cycling is almost like a religion there hahaah.

Finally, after a good evening, I listen a last time the advice of Fred to be sure I’m going no the right spot for the night. The day wasn’t so well at the beginning but at the end it is a good day I’m lucky.

For the first time I’m cycling at night so I can use my lamp I bought especially for that and it work very well :-). After 5 min I arrive to the place, I cross the grass where it’s more difficult to pedal and suddenly “clack” a big noise is come from my chain! Hohoo I have a problem I think…
My chain is broke and I have nothing, really nothing to repair it… Ok I will treat that problem tomorrow, I have to set my tent now before the next shower. Rah! How can I repair it! It’s the first time I break a chain and I’ve rode my bike for only one month and a half! Rah!

A guy in a caravan is coming and ask me if I’m good. I explain my problem and he start directly to search my chain in the grass. He find it and goes taking some tools to repair it. Thanks man! It’s almost totally dark now and this guy is helping me right now.
Finally we fix it but I’m not sure it will works tomorrow. Bobby propose me to take me in a shop tomorrow, that’s really generous!
See you tomorrow Bobby :-). I’m so lucky today!

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