Auckland, first day off

7pm, ding! The first sunny ray enter directly in my tent. That’s sounds good :-)

Oh surprise, my tent is in the shadow…:-).

I recognise this camp :-).

Yes it is!

How to take a picture front of the sun? Like this haha.

I’m well organised now if I compare with two month ago.

And my tent as well! The first green bag no the left is for vegetables, fruits and cookies. That’s the energy bag. The second red one is for cooking tools and meal. The third red one is for brunch. And the green bag on the right is for electric things and other stuff.

A tour in the city… Ah, and I changed my flight ticket because the date was booked for 10th December. It was too early! The 20th of June was not available so i’m going to take my plane the 4th June. I didn’t have the choice but it’s ok :-).

The huge Auckland’s harbour.

That’s the place where I’m writing from. It’s hot today!!! Enjoy!

Behind me, the noisy city.

Blue Effect!

3 thoughts on “Auckland, first day off

  1. What organisation in your tent !!! Just one place to sleep and eat ! You are regular to live in small spaces since Paris! You are not disoriented !
    What is this etablissement with all flags ? Bank ? Hotel ? Restaurant ?

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