Amed > Candidasa (40km by car)


Today our goal was to go to Candidasa, find a garage to fix the car and stay quiet at the hotel. Apparently, there is the possibility to do some snorkeling in this area. Unfortunately, most of the coral has been destroyed when the coastline was developed for tourism. The silly thing is they used the coral to build hotels but did not realised that people would come here for the beaches and to SEE that same coral which doesn’t exist anymore. At the same time, the coral was protected the beaches from erosion so it had a double role. They stopped mining until the late 1980s. Now they hope that the coral will grow back like it was before. It will certainly take decades. What a silly system based on profit and destruction like too often…



We left Barong Cafe this morning around 9am and we are driving along the coast line. Every beach is packed with boats that are unused at the moment. The high season is coming and soon dozen of them will be spread on the surface of the Bali sea.


There is not any beach with a space to put a towel. Each centimetre is used to fit a boat!


The coast line road is very hilly on this side. Big steep un and downs let us enjoy the landscape.


This looks like a shed where Balinese stay for fishing.


I’ve never took any picture of our car, a Toyota Avanza. Max speed 100 km/h :-) but in Bali we drive between 30 and 60 km/h on average. 60 km/h seems already fast though!


I realise that there is more pictures of the hotel than of the landscape today. This is because I’m driving and can not stop every 5min to take a picture.


The restaurant with sea view :-)


I’m surprised, there is only one boat here :-)


Balinese flower plate decoration.


This is how looks a room/bungalow from outside. We are in the bush!


The front yard of our bungalow.


The room for the night. I’ll take the small bed :-)


This one looks more like a villa or a double bungalow.


The swimming pool.


The front part of the hotel with the restaurant on the left hand side and a couch on the right hand side.

I did not take my camera with me this afternoon. We’ve eaten outside for lunch, in a Warung not far from the hotel. The food was delicious (Enak Sekali) and the woman very serviable. Then we came back to the hotel and two of us to the car to try to find a garage. We found a tiny one where the guy proposed us 1.200.000 to fix it ($120 AUD). If we refused to fix it the owner could charge us a maximum of $500 USD so it might be worth to repair it compare to the risk of paying a higher price. We will come back tomorrow morning at 8am and the guy will fix it as fast as he can.


When we came back to our room there was some hot tea ready for us and a pannier with fruits. This one is called a snake fruit.


Inside it looks like a litchi and has a kernel. The white stuff is what we eat and it’s much more firm than a litchi. The taste is hard to describe. It’s sweet with an exotic taste. You must try :-)

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  1. Not sure if I have tried this fruit before. It seems like it’s the second new fruit you have showed me today. What is the one in the morning? Milk fruit?

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