Alice Springs > Tropic of Capricorn rest area (31km, 1h30)

Everyone followed his own path yesterday and I’ve spent the night on my own. This morning I’ve been to the library to upload as much picture as I could but it did not work very well. Anyway, I thought about leaving today or tomorrow but I could not wait anymore. So I’ve done a short trip from 4pm to 5:30pm, just enough to reach the first rest area out of Alice. I’m back on track!


Stuart Cycling


I realized I haven’t take much pictures of Alice Springs the last few days. I was occupied and hang around with the other adventurers. That street is the main one I guess and only people are allowed there. There is lots of cafes, Art Galleries, different shops and ‘my’ bank :-) I’ve spent most of the time there to get wifi as well because it’s much faster that the one in the library haha :-)

A random street near the city centre.

The wifi spot!

There is bench and sun!

This is time to leave Alice! it’s 4pm now and I should have just anough time to reach to next rest area.

Bye Alice!

About 20km later and a long light climb I’m arriving to a spot I heard from the English guys: The highest point of the Stuart Highway.

Does it mean I will only cycle downhill from now? I doubt…

They even built a cairn.

This cairn marks the highest point on the main route between Adelaide and Darwin as determined by bla bla bla…

11km later…

I’ve reach the rest area. 31km today, easy :-)

Hop! the tent is pitch. I’m so lucky that John (from “The Team”) gave me a hammer because since that day I’m using it every single day. The ground is dry and hard here.

The Tropic of Capricorn monument :-)

I’m very happy to be on the road again. Destination Darwin! Youhouuu! Here we go!

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