Airport > Auckland city centre (22km, 1h25)

After a wonderful day yesterday I’m now ready to come back to Auckland and this time I will try to avoid the motorway because I didn’t feel really safe on it last year… Google map is my friend :-)


I’m now following the motorway but I’m not ONTO it :-) They are now working on the left hand side area and I’ve seen a truck driver going out of the works place. When he passed close to me he told me : “sorry for the road”. It’s kind of him :-)

This is not the good bridge yet but I should turn right soon. I’m looking for Dominion road. The cycle way is still following the motorway.

Ahaaah, Dominion road :-)

The Auckland city centre is not fa away now.

I’m now onto Dominion road and it’s going straight to my goal. Nothing can stop me now :-)

Hey sorry, yes, something is able to stop me… the bloody rain! Why every time I’ve been here it’s raining? When I came in winter it was raining. When I finished my first loop after the North land it was raining. And now it’s almost winter and… it’s still raining… grr!

Yep, I’m almost there :-) The next step is to find a dry place. The library? OK :-)

So I stayed in the library until 7 o’clock pm. Last year I visited a park along the bay towards the east and I thought I could cone back their for the night. But when I reached my bike I met a French guy, Steph. He is studding in NZ since 18 months and cycle to go to the university everyday. I followed him for a while because we were going to the same direction and then he show me a good place where to stay inside a park just close to the city centre, nice, thanks mate :-)