Maryfield area > Warloch rest area (103km, 4h35)

Another hot day today and it’s certainly gonna be like this all the up now. This is why I’m cycling early the morning, then find a place where I can stay out of the sun until 4pm, then I’m coming back on the road for the rest of the afternoon and find a spot in the bush because of the lack of rest area. Fortunately, Larrimah is on my way, about 60km from where I’ve slept last night. FOr the first time in Australia, I’ve seen a real crocodile. It’s in a cage, it’s a tiny one, but it’s a real one! :-)


Maryfield Cycling


6:54am, I’m back on the saddle. Just in time for the sunrise :-)

The road has been the same for the last 40km. Not as straight as before but the landscape does not change that much. It’s around 9am and the traffic has started. The “Grey Nomads” are back on the road as well. Every minute, a big 4 wheel drive towing a huge caravan overtake me. And there is almost the same amount of tourists going down South as well.

Larrimah, 5km left. Good ;-) It’s getting hot now (34 degrees). I will be there around 10:30am.

Nearly there!

The pub reffers to the Pink Panther. Why? I’ve got no idea. Certainly another tourist trapp. I believe in trapps these days :-)

The view from the pub.

They are lucky with me because I can’t resist to buy some hot chips. And because I don’t have any cash I need to spend minimum $10 or more (Hot Chips: $6 but they are really good this time, 2 mars for $7 aie aie aie!, one 25cl can 2$). I’m glad I’m cycling to be able to eat that :-)

This place like the other one is nice colorful and shady.

The fire place. Is it too cold for these guys?

each building has a different color but the pink is the main one.

That’s the campsite on this direction.

And they got a cool bicycle too!

There is also a lot of cages here with birds and a crocodile (not in the same one of course ;-)


Same one but later.

And different birds.

I don’t like animals in cages but I could not get any pictures of them if they were in the nature.

Say cheeeese.

Funny ones.


Even more colorful!

This is lunch time and I had to leave the pub to cook my meal. I’m not far away. This place is hot all year round and they did not build a roof above the public tables. I’m wondering why… (being sarcastic). They want people to come in their pub!

It’s now 3:30pm and I’m on the road again. I want to cycle at least 26km to be as close as possible to Mataranka where I will certainly spend some time. I want to try those Thermal Pools!

I’ve never took any pictures of those “decorations” because I think it’s a big disrespect of what the nature does.

People (certainly backpackers I guess) put their T-shirt, bikini, underwear onto those termites nest and think “it’s fun”, “That’s cool, I put MY mark on Australia”. Pff! Humanity, on that simple example, shows that we don’t really care about this planet. I’m agree there is a lot of termite nest along around here but the Nature does not create things with no purpose. Along this portion of the road, nearly a third of these nest are “decorated” with clothes.

Anyway, I’m continuing my way. I’ve seen a sign that indicated a rest area in 39km from where I’ve started. That’s a bit more than I thought but I’ve got the time. I’ll do it :-)

What?! Are they clouds? I did not see rainy clouds since a while now.

Around two hours later, I’ve finally reached the rest area, cool!

My tent is pitched, my dinner is made already, too easy :-)

I was eating my dinner when the rain started! Wow, rain! Hope the new waterproof coat of my tent will succeed if it’s raining tonight! See ya!

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  1. Dommage que toutes ces pauvres bébêtes soient en cage !! La panthère rose c’est le nom du road house non ? C’est pour ça que tout est rose ! Bizarre !

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