Wai-O-Tapu > Taupō (53km, 3h30)

That’s the worst windy day I’ve ever have! I cycled the last 20km front of this bloody wind rah! Like 7 to 13km/h, so loooong. But as my plan was, I’ve reach Taupō, the centre of the north island :-)

Map. It’s not exactly the road I took. I was onto a parallel road (the grey one on the right) but it was crowded as well.

Between Rotorua and Taupō there is a huge exploitation of pine trees. There are (or there was) everywhere. I don’t know how many logging truck i’ve seen on the road until now but it’s something like 1 each 5 minutes. Wood in new Zealand is very important because they build only wood houses. In fact, the wood is more flexible and more earthquake proof than concrete.

Hey, that’s always the same geothermal station :-)

Finally in Taupō! And there is a “Pack n’ save” the cheapest food shop. I can start to buy some food before to go next to the lake.

I can see the lake youhouuuu :-) let’s have a look and a break.

To the left…

To the right…

And to the middle. It not the perfect day to take this picture but I’m going to stay few days to visit the place. And there is a free camp close to the centre :-) and a McDonald’s for internet! Good place good place :-)

It’s still so much windy here. I would like to write my article and keep an eye on the lake but I have to find another place. McDonald’s? Haha! Finally, I finished writing my last day in McDonald’s and I was wondering if I went in a backpacker’s in the city centre or if I went to the free campsite outside of the city. OK, free or 17$? OK free camp :-)

I’m on the halfway to arrive to the camp but before there is a lookout point. Maybe it’s a little bit too dark but I can try to take a picture. After the night landscape, I’m continuing my way. Not so late that this afternoon I was thinking that the lamp I bought for my bike was not really necessary but I was wrong because now it’s perfect and fortunately I have it! After one little hill I see already the panel for the camp. Effectively it’s not so far from the center. As usually I thought I should be alone but there is like 30 people, car everywhere and some tents, yes! tents! I’m really surprise. For the first time it’s hard to find a place haha :-) and this place is full of French. There was already two in the McDonald’s and now I’m surrounding by them. It seams that French don’t like paying for camping :-) I have to eat and then I will write this day and finally “dodo”. See ya!

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