Rotorua > Wai-O-Tapu (41km, 2h25)

OK, I really hate to move this time because finally yesterday morning was raining and I stay one day more.


Since I quite Rotorua I’m riding on a path like this one and it’s really good :-) Rotorua is situated à round 300 m Hugh and I’m now reaching 500m but I feel like it’s flat.

Unfortunately, after 20km, I arrived at the end of the beautiful path. Another part start end a few minutes ago but rapidly turn like this. I’m not sure I’m going on the right direction but I want to see where its heading, visit visit :-)

And like often, many cows are interested and come closer to see what’s happening. It’s only a guy with a bicycle sorry, no food for you, nothing :-)

Finally, the sand track guide me back on the main road.

I’m now front of the mount of the preview picture. It seems that there is something to visit. A right time to have a break.

Apparently, we can ride on these tracks, that’s cool. And on the bottom of the map, there is “kerosene creek” a geothermal bath. Aaaah my break becomes better and better. I know where I’m going now :-)

After 500m there “Crater Lakes”. Wonderful colours!

This track level was indicate as ‘easy’ but it’s not! Maybe because of my trailer butt it’s slippery, steep and really curving. At least there is a good view and on the background there is a geothermal central.

OK that’s to difficult for me and I have 3km more to ride. My trailer will rest here and I will take it later. Hope it will still be here…

Easy track… disappearing track is better to qualify this part.

I’m closer and closer…

Now I have to choose my place. This one is okay…

… and this place perfect :-). This hot river is so cool! And after 35km it’s much better. I met one Canadian guy who is travelling around the world. New Zealand is his first country. And another guy who is just graduate and like me has one year to visit new Zealand.

This bath was so good. I can continue my way to Wai-O-Tapu now. Hey no, not yet… my trailer before… I’m so light now!

There is free hot baths everywhere here :-)

Wouh! And another one!

OK, maybe this one is not available for humans haha.

I’m now arrived to my destination :-). Wai-O-Tapu is the largest area of surface thermal activity in the Taupo volcanic zone. That THE place I have to visit. During I was paying my expensive ticket, the woman asked me where I will sleep tonight. I didn’t know yet and her proposition was too expensive for my new restrictive camp budget. Naturally, she propose me to plant my tent onto the picnic place front of the office and for free. How can i refuse that?:-) and the bonus, she indicated me a hot river at 400m from here. A camp + a hot pool all for free! It’s better than perfect :-). Splendid!

Something extraordinary! A hole… OK it’s the first attraction of the zone but I hope it will be more interesting sooner.

The yellow colour is due to the presence of sulphur.

This is devil’s ink pots. A series of mud pools whose water levels fluctuate with the amount of rainfall. The colour is due to the small amounts of graphite and crude oil brought to the surface by the water forcing its way up.

This area is called “artist’s palette”. As the water cool and the minerals are exposed to our atmosphere they show themselves in a variety of locations and colours depending upon water levels and wind direction.
The smaller area where the smoke is coming from is called the “champagne pool” because of the bubbles.

On the right, this is a geyser but nature decided do not activate it today…

From this point of view, we can see the same geothermal power station.

Yep, I’m here :-)

This signature remains me somebody…

Just like this place.

That’s all the animals who live here. And the possum is here! Marie v. can you see it now and have an idea of the beast?

This is the second part of the visit. It’s called “frying pan flat”.

And I’m right there now :-). What’s interesting there?

Not any swim is possible here rah! But a can cook some rice for tonight :-)

Another view from the inside of the “pan” that’s right : it’s frying every where.

This lake “Ngakoro” has been create 700 years ago. Really young one.

The primrose terrace is the largest of new Zealand.

A closer look is more interesting.

I’m come back next to the “champagne pool” but there is too much steam. The pool is on my back :-) cool view as well haha :-)

And that the famous part of this place. All around the pool, there is this bright orange colours. Minerals contained in the water are gold, silver, mercury, sulphur, arsenic, thallium, antimony etc and are presently depositing in the surrounding sinter ledge (good copy/paste isn’t it?).
The pool was formed 700 years ago as well.


Larger vertical view.

Horizontal view. The clouds are amazing!

The largest view :-)

And the last pool, the devil’s bath! just next to his home.
And the colour, the colour… whouo!

Come back to the entrance. It’s 5pm so I have so much time to take another bath in the river who the woman of the reception indicate to me.

This place is cool and will be certainly quiet at night. I’m waiting that my towel is drying a bit and…

The second bath of the day :-). I met two guy with beers and cigarettes haha. They stayed here something like 4 hours. And the great advantage of this place is that two rivers arrive in this natural pool. One is cold and the other one is hot. So we can choose our temperature every minutes :-) that was a nice day :-) :-)

5 thoughts on “Rotorua > Wai-O-Tapu (41km, 2h25)

  1. waouh. superbes photos. et le bain pour la fin. c’est le meilleur. on n’a pas ça à Sainte-Maxime. Tu découvres vraiment plein de choses.

  2. je rêve ou tu te baignes cul nu toi ?????? mdr
    en tout cas les couleurs une fois de plus sont incroyables !!!! tu es sur qu’ils mettent pas des colorants pour faire parler les gens ah ah ah ;-)

    ça donne envie en tout cas !!!!!

  3. Marie puis Marie, heureusement que moi je vois vos mails pour savoir a qui je répond :-)
    Nanana je suis pas à “oualp” dans la rivière, je suis simplement aussi blanc que mon maillot de bain…
    Quand j’ai vu la photo j’ai tout de suite pensé que quelqu’un ferait la remarque ahaha :-)

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