Vientiane > Thailand return (40km)


Today is the last day on my first 30 days VOA (Visa On Arrival). I could go to the Laos embassy and ask for an extension but it costs $2USD per day. Because I want to stay another month, it’s better to go out of the country and then come back to get a second VOA. That’s why, this morning I’m cycling to Thailand where I can get a 28 days VOA for free. The simple idea is to go to Thailand, have breakfast and then turn back to Laos. Here we go, I’ve just passed the Laos immigration and I’m on my way to Thailand across the friendly bridge :-)



Entering in Thailand was pretty easy too. Just the time to fill a paper and get the stamps at the immigration office and I was in. I’m now in Thailand again :-) I still had 60 baht with me so I’m having breakfast :-) Then I will cycle back to Laos.


Wow, that’s strange… I could cycle the way in to Thailand but not the other way? Well, nobody said anything so I keep going.


The friendly bridge again. Bye Thailand, see you in one month :-)

And that’s it! I can stay another 30 days in Laos. Once again, I had to fill the same paper with name, surname, passport number, pay the $30USD blablabla… and 30 minutes later I was good to go. I will cycle back to the city centre and straight to the guesthouse where I booked 10 days. In fact, yesterday night I slept in a tiny park for free. We lost each other with Bright and got in contact later at night. We will meet tomorrow again somewhere. See ya :-)

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