Singapore, Garden by the bay


Last night was good! A bit windy but I really sleep well. I did not have to use the mosquito net and it’s much more comfortable like this. I feel I can breath better :-) Anyway, today I’ve decided to visit the place called Garden by the bay. This is another iconic place of Singapore. The city wants to become a “city in a garden” more than to have some gardens in the city. That’s good! this is very good :-) Another good thing about this place is from where I came from, the beach, I did not have to ride on any highway. From the beach there is a nice cycle path that goes all the way to here during 7 kilometres. This is the green day :-)


I’ve been cycling almost 5 kilometres now and I’m already sweating so much. The weather today in Singapore is the same as every other day in average. It’s always kind of misty. In fact several people explained that it’s coming from the Indonesian forests that are in fire. Since I’m here, the wind constantly blows from the south so it must be true.


In one picture, you’ve got nearly all Singapore new development area: The towers, the “boat building” and the “garden by the bay” which include those big domes and the special trees on the left hand side. In the higher dome there is a man made waterfall and in the second one a collection of plants worldwide. Sounds good and expensive.


Nearly there :-)


Aaah AH! Here I am :-)


Few! the good thing is that we can enjoy walking around and for free! Good news :-)


This is quite impressive. A kind of Jurassic park without the the scary predators.


Supertree Grove. Ok let’s visit :-)


The height of those Supertree varies between 25m and 50m. The whole structure will one day be totally covered with plants I guess. I might be interesting to come back here in 20 years when the structure will be fully covered. We will more feel like a real forest.


They constructed a suspended bridge which runs between two supertrees. The height is 25m and it’s as high as the canopy (this is what they say). I’m sure that the canopy respect this height on every point, anyway…


To get to the top, we must pay 5$. I can do that :-) There is an elevator and the stairs. I can walk, I take the stairs of course!


Throught the structure.


The “boat building” is not far away.


Ooooh the view is getting good from here already.


I think it’s even better to walk the stairs because we can appreciate the progression of the view (and take so many pictures).


On day, the fancy pink color will have disappeared and those metal trees will become real!


The domes are in the background. I don’t know yet if I will visit them or not.


Nearly there!


I wonder how much people can walk together on this bridge. Maybe I should think about this later haha. This is too late, I cannot give up ;-)


This is not super high but this is enough to enjoy the surroundings.


Yellow fence, purple/pink trees, natural green, blue/grey domes, grey sky (unfortunately), what a bunch of colors here.


The view from the top of that boat might be good too but I’m not rich enough :-) I wonder if I can go up there without having to book a room?


Very cool. When we walk, we can feel that the bridge is moving a bit. Of course, it’s suspended :-)


Too much picture I know but I won’t come back. Or maybe at night?


Supertree and super boat!


One of the girl is happy to walk there but scared at the same time haha. You made a choice, assume now ;-)


I’ve done halfway! Actually I really take my time.


That superstructure again. Talking about “superstructure”, actually, there is nice documentaries about its construction (in French and in english). This place is has a park, a casino, an hotel, and luxury shops on its base, a big tourist trap.


I’m also in a tourist trap but it doesn’t cost too much so it’s ok ;-) There is a lot of videos on youtube and this is one of them.


They will have to set up a crane once the plants will reach to top I guess. Or maybe they will become thicker and thicker.


Nice color by the way.


I’ve crossed the bridge and survived! Good :-)


Lots of Orchid here. Orchid seed use the wind (like many other) to keep expending. Here it’s the same case and even at this altitude the seeds can move from one tree to another!


Flashy orange ones.


Some more colours.


The bigger tree (on the left hand side) has a restaurant at the top. The entrance price is 18$ if I remember. Then you must pay for the food! Not for me sorry.


Let’s go down the stairs.


I’m now walking around the area. I didn’t know there was a cycle path here. That’s very interesting. The price for the domes is 28$. Singaporean can buy a ticket only for one of them when tourist cannot. Is it fair?


There is a children park as well. Kids run around and play with water. They seems to love this!


I cannot go there. This is only for children. It’s a kind a track with obstacle to cross.


Still walking around the place.


Lot’s of plants here, this is nice.


I keep following the ecologic “stuff” today. This is the theme :-) This building is very interesting. To me, it imitates cardboard and it’s very well done!


The different shades of grey plus the plants, we almost feel in the nature :-)


If every building would be like this it would be so could. And it would reduce the noice in the street because of the plants.


To me this is the best eco design I’ve ever seen in a city.


The top of the building is different but still have “altitude gardens” to keep the fresh air and the feeling of nature. Well done mister the architect(s) :-) I wish it would have some wind mill on the top but maybe it’s not strong enough here.


I want to come back to the esplanade library for a while and I try to use as much cycle path as I can which is not easy here. The on along the beach is great but as soon as you get in the city center there is nothing for bicycles. Those houses might be here since a while compare to the grey concrete masses behind.


It’s like two different worlds and I’m sure the old ones are more warm. I can see lots of cute restaurants, there is trees and people can walk along the water.


I’ve been to the library for few hours. This is time to eat something, I’m starving! This is Singapore city centre by night.


The big white thing on the bottom of the “boat building” is a science museum. I might have a look ont time before I leave.


This is the famous “Merlion” of Singapore.


I don’t know what are there but they looks good at night.


And “la grande roue” :-) I though it did not work at the beginning but in fact it rotates really really slowly. Each cabin is quite big. At night you can even book a dinner for maybe 6 or 8 person. So you can fit a table, the chairs and everything!


I’m coming back to the beach and use the same road as this morning. There is only one so it’s easy :-) I wish my ticket would be available for a day visit and a night visit. It must be good to go up there at that time.

This is it for today :-)

4 thoughts on “Singapore, Garden by the bay

  1. Photos géniales vraiment ! Du coup ça paraît beaucoup moins impersonnel tout en restant très très moderne. il semblerait que les archis prennent soin de ménager un peu de verdure pour le moral sans doute, ou l’esthétique. Visite très agréable. Tu parles de 20 ans pour voir la végétation au lieu des structures métalliques, mais compte tenu du climat à mon avis dans 5 ans elles auront disparu. Bon, je vais y penser pour un prochain voyage quand je serais à la retraite !

  2. Singapore is like future city. It is very modern. The dorm reminds me a oom from Nausica movie.
    I like the idea of trying to have plants in the city, much better than just gray buildings.

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