Possum Valley > Freshwater (122km, 5h10)

I had a good time with Paul yesterday but I realised that without all my gears I can’t look around for a job because I have more than 100km to ride down. So I don’t have time… I should have calculated that before. But anyway, I’m up to 1000 meters high here, it’s cold and rainy so going down it’s maybe the best Idea. Thank you Paul for your invitation :-)


Brrr! It’s foggy and cold! It’s another world up here.

The road is not so hard and I’m very light.

We can’t even see the place where I come from. Possum Valley is somewhere behind this cloud wall.

Mmm! Nice cheap avocados. Yesterday, during our way up, Paul stopped here to buy some. Now it’s my turn ;-)

I’m in Yungabura, a small nice village.

Having a look around…

A kind of park.

Let’s continue throught this nice weather :-)

I’ve reach the range and I’ve got a looong slope down front of me. Somewhere, behind those hills, there is Cairns.

Something 30 minutes later I’ve finally reach the sea level. That was the longest ride down I ever done!

Almost 5 pm all ready and IRS getting dark. I’m going to arrive to Martin’s place at night.

The rays are passing right between the clouds and the hill. Time to take a good shot!

This one?

Front of me, the big high plants are sugar cane. There is plenty of fields around this place.

Portrait pic.

Landscape pic as well. OK, stop taking pictures and let’s continue riding now because it’s getting drive fast. It’s 5:35pm and I have more than 20 kilometers left. See ya!

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