Grafton > Nana Glen (65km, 4h25)


Fiou! That was a bit a scary night finally. Yesterday evening when I was pitching my tent a woman stopped next to me and told me :

  • Are you really gonna sleep here?
  • Me : Yes, why?
  • Her : because there is snakes everywhere!
  • Me : even here, this area?
  • Her : Oh yes and they are big!
  • Me : ok, thanks for the tip
  • Her : I’ll come back tomorrow morning at the sunrise.

And she left … Okay… Maybe she mean : to verify if I’m dead or not. But there is no reason. I’m not gonna walk on the grass or lay down any where. Snake defends themselves, they don’t attack for any reasons. Bah! Nevermind, I’m still alive and I didn’t see any snake even if this morning I though one was on my bike. When I open my tent (with my knife between the teeth ;-) I saw nothing anormal.


Here we are, Grafton :-) I need to do some shopping but it’s too early. And when I will finish my stuff, it will be late for cycling…  bad luck…


Yesterday, my bike felt down when I took something in the trailer. My mirror, really useful mirror, is broken! Nooo! I can’t find the same here so I must buy it online again. They have sone here but they are not as compact as this one and I want THIS one, not another. Next time I’ll stop for a while I will order a new one I think.


And I bought a new pair of pedal. After more than ten thousands kilometres the last ones those dead and very noisy. Now it’s smooth like I’m cycling onto a carpet :-D


I’ve done everything I needed in Grafton and I’m now heading Coffs Harbour by the back way. It’s apparently less hilly and with less traffic. The orara way goes until the city so that’s simple. Just go straight!


After one hour and a half or maybe two, I don’t remember, I’ve reach a riad house with some table around. Perfect for lunch :-)


Good spot, under a shade!


I had a good lunch, a good break and even a good sleep. I bought a new towel in Grafton because I forgot mine in Upper Mongogarie. And I bought a pillow as well. I hesitate a long ime because it’s something more to carry. Thia one is small, square, very light and smooth. The pile of clothes was ok but a pillow will be so much better. I felt asleep site on the table and it’s very comfortable!


This back country road is really nice. There is a few cars only and many small and short hills. The best for cycling.


This is Glen Reagh a nice small very quiet town.


There is nice flowers here :-)


I could not resist anymore and I bought my first piece of chocolate : a Mars, hmmm so good!


They got many things here : kid garden, picnic area, swimming pool, tennis. For the size of that village they have pretty much everything. Just need a Macdo haha :-P


The Orara river pass along the village as well.


Some deck give an easier way to access. Some children are swimming here. I could but nah, I’m sure it’s cold and I want cycling a bit more.


Strange forest! No? Ok no…


I pushed a bit further and reach Nana glen, another small town.


Hmmm, interesting. I think I’ve just find my spot for the night :-) I’ll pitch my tent under the trees over there. It will be perfect! There is public toilets and some bench with table next to the petrol station. I can eat there and then come back later at night. That is a perfect plan :-D. See ya!

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