Akaroa > Motukarara (55km, 3h30)

Hey, that was my place for the night :-) under the tree with a black tent at night, all was OK, I slept well. Today I’m coming back to Motukarara in the nice flat campsite.

Map. This time the map is correct but it’s B to A.

From the other side I was a bit more visible but it was okay.


An English bus in a French city?

Clouds clouds …

So this time, I’m on the main road, next to the water. It’s early and there isn’t so many cars.

Going up, the summit is there ouf!

Fast hey? :-). I’m there, the harder is behind me.

This time I’m gonna take some pictures from “Little River”. Good decoration at least :-)

This bike is… Sooo full! And I feel so lite now :-)

Little River yes :-)

Why not…

I’m charging my tablet in that brasserie so I bought some good stuff to pass the time :-). It’s really nice! Hot chocolate + caramel cake wouhaaa! Hmmm!

It wasn’t possible to resist!

This guy is riding the heavy bike. He doesn’t speak so god English but it’s a crazy guy. He like going on little track far from the cities. Respect man, I’m too modern :-)


Hohooooo! My tire has just exploded and I didn’t buy one! Rah shit! Mac Giver, where are you? Bear grills? Nobody?

That’s a big hole but I have at least another inner tube.

Solution :
01/ put a peace of tissue inside against the hole to protect the new inner tube.

02/ inflate the tire and protect it with the magic elastic rubber :-)

I finally quit the track for the road, looking for a smoother soil. My reparation seams working :-) I have about 80 km before the next cycle shop…

An web agency for cows where? Whoooo! :-)

And the beginning of the rail trail is here and my trailer is still alive :-)

Come back to the same campsite as yesterday :-)

Hello :-). See you later :-)

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  1. Don’t look for Mac Gyver! He is in New Zealand !! Lol. Your reparation is surprising, but effective ! are you working in web agency for cows ??

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