Campung Sri Jaya > Ayer Hitam, Chinese temple (90km)


One more day on the road towards Malacca. This morning we tried to leave as early as we could to avoid the heat. The haze is coming back. Today I had another 2 punctures because of that thread rubber the inner tube (I’ll show you pictures once in Malacca). I’ve put some protection inside the tyre using electric tape but it’s too thin. After the second puncture I’ve decided to fit my new tyre and will repair the old one once in Malacca. I said I will use it until the end. $75 for one Marathon tyre, I’m not going to waist money!
I’ve figured it out a solution. I’ve picked up some inner tube pieces along the road, that will do. Lots of trucks here use those inner tubes pieces. They get a bunch of them, fix them together and attach that next to the wheel. That way, when the truck goes in the mud, the inner tube bunch rub the mud down. This is my guess. Of course, lots of those inner tubes pieces fall down on the ground and the truck driver replace them.



The thai band :-)


This is the same straight road with many up and downs. The hills are not that big and I think it’s a road to improve changing gears and learn how to keep a steady pace.


it’s around nine thirty. Kate and Arjan are looking forward to eat something.


Not far from where we stopped I found a warung.


And the road goes on and on. This is not the best landscapes since now. I guess the mountains might be more interesting.


Let’s keep going! Kate and Arjan want to reach Ayer Hitam today because they know there is another temple. They also know the guy who built it.


Cycling through the haze…


There is a fishing basin here and lots of customers. As soon as I got my camera to take a picture, the guys say “hello”.


Here we are! 90km later, we arrived in Ayer Hitam! Bravo Pee Ta, you are still alive :-)


Kate is following :-)


Then Pee Ta and Arjan.


The Chinese temple is somewhere there.


Less than a minute later, we have reached the place.




There is some more Buddha taking care of the place :-)


And the temple is…


Like this :-) The owner built it himself. He has done a good job.


I did not dare to set up my hammock normally so I will sleep on the ground. Well, I thought I would sleep on the ground until the owner gave me a mattrees. I could feel the springs of the mattrees so I’m still using my own :-) But thank you, and good night!

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