Marahau > Abel Tasman track return > Motueka (25km, 1h30)

Hey, the sun is coming back today and the timing is nice for me. Marahau is situated next to the Abel Tasman National park. It’s a famous place where hundreds of tourists come every summer and even every year. At this time of the year now, the track is certainly much less crowded, a good opportunity for me to visit it today :-) I won’t do all the track because I would have need at least two days but I could walk simply one hour and come back. It’s better than nothing so Let’ go!

I’ve realised this morning that I was maybe 300m away from the entrance of the park. Maybe I could find a better place somewhere around. Anyway, my bike is locked and I’m ready for the visit :-)

This is the “kiosk” entrance with the main in formations about the track and the park.

Ok so, how far can I go this morning? “Apple tree bay” 1h30. Well, that’s suits me. It’s a bay front of the biggest island. I could some good landscapes from there.

Let’s go :-)

The smallest island is there and we can see already a part of the biggest one behind the coast.

Some people jump in the water to write many thing. This one is one of many creation along the track. Natural Graffiti :-)

This is the one :-)

Apple tree bay, still 1h30 and it’s still OK for me :-)

The first part of the track was nice.

Everyone touch the water is a loser!

Hmmm, nice :-)

This track, THIS track is perfect for cyclist like me! It’s wide, smooth. Why it’s not allowed to use a bike here in winter time? Rah!

Panoramic view.

I’m getting closer :-)

Another panoramic viewpoint.

A baby waterfall :-)

Roh!so perfect for a bike here!

Ahaaah! The big island :-)

No, this one is the tiny one.

Still the tiny one.

The track is really nice :-)

We are walking like a snake.

Nice :-)

And the big island now :-)

Yes, I like this track.

Bridge passing.

River view.

Oooh! Nice, very nice. I think it’s “apple tree bay”.

Yes it is :-)

Arrived onto “apple tree bay” video.

Panoramic beach!

Big island viewpoint.

I’m passing backstage.

Nice place.

Not fast enough…

Ah OK but it was 2s timer only. I took 3 times the same picture before to understand what was the problem… With 10s it’s much easier ;-)


I thought I could eat an apple here but nothing. That’s pine trees and not apple trees.

Maybe they call it simply “apple” for “pomme de pin” in French.

Sorry, I don’t have any food.

Transparent water but certainly cold. I don’t want to try…

Wallpaper :-)

Hey :-)

The plants around.

Macro 2

Macro 3

And I quit the place now to come back to the car park. I’ve got 35 km only to go Motueka but I don’t want arriving too late.

This is coquille bay.

Ho, the tide is quite low now.

Those don’t understand haha ;-)

haha, and I understand how they write these rocky words now : when the rise is low. Smart guys!

And the last part of the track.

I like this one.

Totally different landscape than 2:30pm ago.


So, I’ve took my bike again and I’m going now toward Motueka. Here that’s Kaiteriteri, a small place certainly crowded in the middle of summer.

Nice bay.

I feel like I’m in Fréjus :-)

Two days ago, I took the road on the right. Today I came back by the coastal road to make a loop.

So now, direction east (my left hand side).

The good surprise of the day! Thomas and Shanna, we met us in Napier! They contact me 3 weeks ago to tell me that there were in Motueka for 2 more weeks. Today, I knew that I was late and finally no! I was cycling, there were driving when they recognised me. Cool! That’s a good surprise. I’ve almost finished visiting south island and they just start. They worked 3 months in Motueka and now they are rich ;-) NZ is so small in fact!

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  1. Ca fait plaisir de vous voir ensemble les copains ! Surtout profitez car ici il pleut et il fait froid ! Et le pire dans tout ça c’est qu’on doit chercher du taf ! lol

    Damdam si tu veux voir d’autres photos de la rando va voir notre site ;)

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