Freshwater > Barron Gorge (return), second trip


Today we are going to brave Barron Gorge for the second time! And we are a real team :-) Martin and Marco, Jimmy and his two sons, Cameron and me. All together, carefully and strongly we are going to reach the top of the top this time :-) I’m taking pictures from the second part only because the landscape was the same until now but we didn’t cheat, we start from the beginning of course :-D


This is now lunch time and to continue our trip we are gonna swim towards the center of this picture. Adventure! I like that :-)


Wow! impressive!


I chose on side when Cameron and Marco went on the other one.


Jimmy and his sons are following. They are 12 and 8 years old (something like this) and they did all the trip almost without help. They really pay attention and listen our tips. They are strong! Good on you guys :-)


hey hey :-) We are almost arrived!


We’ve reached the top! Jimmy and his sons are following the railway to met a friend somewhere in this direction.


Zackari is going to meet us to the car parck but we are ahead the appointment so we are going to have a last swim…


… on the top of Barron Falls!


The first time when I visited Barron Falls I was on the opposite side of it where we can see the roof of the lookout. Today is much better because we walked all the way inside the gorge. A very good adventure today :-D

2 thoughts on “Freshwater > Barron Gorge (return), second trip

  1. It looks great, but I won’t go.
    The Sun is too strong on the rocks, I need shades!

    Didn’t you have a video of jumping into the water?

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