Dargaville > Kaiwaka, the farm (84km, 5h30)

Ready at 9am, I know today I will start with a long straight road, it’s good for warm up. It’s cloudy but not so cold so here we go :-). I crossed the bridge and directly the long straight road start. I bet for 10km :-)

Rah! I was almost right : It was 8.7km. I just passed a curve and… there is another one… That’s long!!

And another one… Where are the hills? It’s getting boring now!

I’m joining the river:-) there is something to watch at least. Now there is some curves but it’s always flat…

There is lots of meuh here :-)

Nothing really interesting, just a fun decoration. Kumara is part of the potatoes family and Dargaville declared itself as the first Kumara producer.

After 37km, the first slope arrive. I wanted to stop after visiting the Kauri Museum but I will arrive soon, in 7km. It’s 11am and I’m not tired. I’ll continue after the break I think.

The Kauri museum, it’s write on it :-).

In summer here it’s totally crowded of buses. Jordan gave me this information. Jordan? It’s the boy on his bmx :-).

As the receptionist recommended me I start by the end. Theses scenery are composed sometimes with real persons. I was in another room where there was a pianist woman. I thought it was a fake body. She was totally static, the head slightly no front! I was really wondering if she was real are not but I didn’t dare to be face to her. I finally turned away when she played one note onto the piano haha! Good game :-).

The decoration is really good.

That’s differents machines to but the trees in all ways.

This guy, A H Reed, walked all along New Zealand in 1960′. That’s crazy!

A differents panels represent all his voyage.

A giant machine as a tank to go through the forest…

A picture of picture :-)

I feel small, is it normal?

This steam machine is really beautiful with these colours as black, red and gold.

This man is using a very long chain saw to but this poor Kauri.

I don’t feel comfortable when I watch these pictures. Some of these trees grew during 1000 or more and it take few hours for humans to destroy them. Money money…

That’s really big.

I didn’t know that it exist so much different kind of chain saw likes theses ones.

I’ve seen the 2nd biggest in real :-).

It’s should be possible to eat with many people if it was a table.

Ready for transportation.

This tree has a long story.

60′ atmosphere.

The Kauri Museum has the most important gum’s collection in the world. Ok…

Focus on one of them. The visit is finished and I have plenty of time. I can continue until my energy is empty. Maybe I can reach wellford and pass the night there. Finally I won’t go to Wellsford. I’ve just passed Kaiwaka and there is a campsite panel. Let’s go there, 83km is enough for today.
I was going to the place when a car passed next to me and stopped up to the hill. The woman in the tell of that the people of the accommodation are gone for few days but I can camp in their farm for free. Ok that’s a great idea :-).

Less than 1 minute later I’m here :-).

Oooh view are cute and for once not afroad by me, strange… Aaah ok they are waiting for the next meal I understand now :-).

That’s my place for tonight, in a field, with the sheeps but view don’t..

This is the place were the “dad” is working. To close this day, the family invit me for dinner. We eat some delicious lasagne hmmm!!

8 thoughts on “Dargaville > Kaiwaka, the farm (84km, 5h30)

  1. Hey,

    Your pictures are amazing ! You’re improved yourself, you can ride 80 km in one day. If you are much faster every days, you will do the world tour in 80 days ;-). Have good ride !

    Se you soon :)

  2. I can do 80km each day but during 3 days because after that I’m empty. And I use energy drink like profilsport :-). Thanks max see you later.

  3. Ah !!! you should use Punch power !! héhé. But mumy is not longer into the company so… Oh the “brebious” are so cut :-). You do you say it in english ?

  4. Hello Marie :-) non je n’ai pas touché ses moutons car ils étaient beaucoup trop existés. Ils se jetaient contre la rembarde pour être les premiers servie!

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