Napier, Bluff hill lookout (only 8km :-)

Today it’s the last day before the rain come again… I will be lazy tomorrow so I’m going to bluff hill lookout, the big hill next to Napier. My NZ book says there is a great view from there. I want to see that :-)

I took the first road which was going up but it doesn’t seams to be the good one… I will try the net one. I’m visiting, it’s cool :-)

I was stuck one the top of these stairs…

Ah? A small floral park. I can have a turn.

Small and nice :-)

I’m up to another hill and I haven’t seen any panel yet. I’m not far, I feel it. The view is already good :-)

This road? No.

Finally I found the entrance :-) it’s Almost the jungle here :-) I’m maybe 5 minutes far from the city centre and it’s so quiet.

The next part will be by walk.

Cool path.

A new lucky family are building their house here!

I shouldn’t be so far.

Ah yes, the top :-)

Wouho, I didn’t expected that it was as big as that. It a good place for picnic.

The Napier harbour.

Industrial view.

The weather forecast is right, the rain is coming…

I thought we could see the city as well.

The top of the top!

Nature :-)

The view was good :-) not like as expected but it was a good visit. Now I’m continuing my way to have a closet look on the harbour. I would like taking some industrial pictures.

Like this :-)

Or this :-). There is many different colours and it’s interesting to catch some good pictures here. It’s graphic :-)

It used to be a forest…

Maybe, the boat I’ve seen in Gisborne was heading there, or not…

A peace of sky stuck between wood and metal boxes.

The visit is finished for today. I don’t know what I will do tomorrow… Surprise!

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