Woolgoolga, third and last day of work at the banana farm


This is my last day of work but I don’t know it yet. I’ve been working since the 1st of January and did not expect to stay that long. Thanks to the Indians who allowed me to work that long and save some money for the rest of my trip. The adventure is not finished of course! I’ve got a lot to see!


As every Indian farm, I said that before I think, you can see the cucumber green house, the blueberries on the right hand corner and the banana, the place where I’m working now.


This is the shed and I think, not sure, they would need to organised a bit, just a bit hey ah ah. That big thing on the left hand side is certainly a kind of rotating shelf used for the packing. The guys come with the truck full a banana bunch freshly picked and put that on it. Then the packers can pack (logical :-)


Hmmm… Why not. May I consider I’ve been travelling in India now? Zackari? What do you think?


That the thing we used this morning. A backpack with 15l of water, poison and colour to kill the weed we cut the last two days. You pump continuously with your left harm and spray with the second one. Then you must play one hour of tennis (if you are right hand it’s better) to balance the size of your muscles ;-)


10:30am, it’s time for lunch :-)


I’m definitely in holiday and because I’m millionaire now I’m gonna buy a new shirt. Volcom :-) I was looking for a plastic box which could fit in my new cooking pot to keep my food safe during my trip but I did not find what I wanted. Anyway, this shirt cost me? Guess how much? No 30$, less than 20$, even not much than 5$, 1$ haha. It’s not wool but it’s a really good bargain and I’m a fashion traveller now, not a homeless guy haha ;-) See ya!


One more thing: after spraying during 3 or 4 hours, my poor shoes are now pink… I hope I could wash them easily.

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