Sydney (Newtown), Going out with Robin


This evening, I’ve joined Robin in Newtown. We’ve been eating in a vegetarian restaurant where you pay whatever you want at the end. There is a big box next to the entrance of the restaurant and people choose the price they want to pay. The food is very good and the place is always full. The first time we tried, it’s was already too late. They sold out all the food they had.
After the restaurant I’m following Robin in Enmore to have a dessert in a famous place : Cow and Moon. This artisan gelato is very well known for its ice delicious ice cream. It’s around 8:30pm, most of the restaurants are already close but this one remains.


And there is the queue!


Sorry for the quality of the pictures… This is only my phone. The shop gots an old fashion design.


Robin, with are rainbow bag is choosing her ice cream.


This artisan has received lots of prices.


Here her the beast :-) Pistachio, Litchy and Cookies caramel. Mmmm, very nice!

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