Siem Reap, “Eggscellent”


Cambodia might be a poor country but that doesn’t mean you cannot find any organic stuff like eggs here :-) This company even wrap the eggs inside a nice packaging. Once used, the customer can bring it back to the shop so the company can use it again. Pretty clever and ecolo.


Bring the empty box back to the cashier. I will!


Nice looking eggs :-)


Apparently the company had some problems recently and they decided to put 2 more eggs per box because of their unusual small size. That’s a fair trade :-) I like the mentality. Thanks guys!


Look at the brand name: Eggscellent ahah.

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  1. Now Co-op is selling individual eggs with recycling egg cartons, and customer brings their own egg carton and get 5% discount.
    Is it as good as these eggs ?

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