Taman Setia Budi > Ferry (56km, 1h37) > Kuah, Langkawi island (83km, 4h40)


Today we keep travelling towards Thailand which is becoming very close. We left the village “Setia Budi ” this morning and cycled until Kota Kuala Kedah to catch a ferry to Langkawi. From Malaysia, there is three cities that operate this trip: Penang (the furthest), Kota Kuala Kedah and Kuala Perlis (the closest). Of course, longer the trip is, more expensive the ticket will be. One way ticket cost 23 ringgit plus an extra of 18 ringgit for the bicycle. There is several ferries during the day. We let go the 6pm and caught the one at 7pm, the last one, to have the time to eat something. Once in Kuah (Langkawi) we simply slept in a tiny park just outside the ferry terminal as it was already dark.



I did not take any pictures this morning until now when we crossed a bridge.


Fisherman boats.


This secondary road is nice.


The rice fields cover all the area.


Let’s have a break for lunch.


The guy did not speak any word of english so I just pointed some pasta (the one I like) and the cook did the rest. That’s the result :-)


Back on the road. The weather is still very hot. Over there, a classic “Kampung” house surrounding by palm trees and rice fields.


And we eat again! We arrived at the ferry terminal (visible from the main road) at 5:45pm. The next ferry was leaving at 6 o’clock which was too short. The trip last around 1 hour and 30 minutes so we decided to get the next ferry at 7pm and take some time to eat.


Boarding time.


Better than to do the queue, taking some pictures.


Nice sunset tonight.


Fishing sunset I would say :-)

Once most of the passengers hoped in the boat we get on the tiny queue. The guys asked us to take all our luggage as they lifted the bicycle onto the roof. They even took my bike and trailer in one piece with not much difficulties, surprisingly. Now we have about 1:30 in the boat.

As I said first, once we got there it was already dark. I checked google satellite view but did not find any possible spot. I started cycle towards where we would go tomorrow morning and finally, less that a kilometre later, I discovered a very small park where we could sleep almost quietly. Good night!

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