Kuta > Ubud (56km by car)


First day travelling in Bali and by car! From what we heard, people recommend to get a driver. We could not hide scooter as we have luggages. We finally decided to hire a car because we don’t have a special route to follow. We have some ideas but we preferred to be free to go where we want when we want.  The first step is Ubud,  one of the main destination for tourists. We had to start by something :-) Then we will spend the rest of our trip more in the countryside to discover Bali on its different facets.



Ok I know, this is not really an expected picture when we think about Bali. But for me this one is different than the thousand of similar scooter we get see every day. It looks cool :-)


Bali Cairns in temples.


A tiny street.


The river is running in many places in the city which is nice. The negative side is Balinese use it to dump rubbish…


Colourful carving!


Smoky Temple/house view. Balinese people as a close relationship with their gods and make offerings everyday. They use incense a lot and we can smell it very often when we walk in the streets. It’s very pleasant.


A temple entrance. I’m not sure but it looks like a very few temples are open for visitors. Our western culture let us think that we could visit them like any church but it’s not the case here.


Let’s have a break in a cafe :-)


What a view on rice fields!


Mum :-)


We came back to the car park to get the car and tried to find a hotel outside of Ubud. A friend of my mother who lives here told us that we would find worth accommodation 10 km around Ubud. In fact we drove only 3 to 4 km out of town and did not find hotels in our price range. We stopped at one where the price was $350 USD per night for one room! Back in town, we slept in an homestay. The place was simple, the people nice. Only the bathroom was a bit “sad” but the rest was fine (still better than my tent :-).

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  1. Forbidden holy is always part of Asian culture I shall say! And I like you end where you start, it’s pretty! What’s more, the scooter reminds me of the motorcycle army in Vietnam.

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