Woolgoolga, moved by the police but found another spot :-)


I was quietly cleaning my chain when suddenly two policemen came… Oups… They asked me how long did I spend here and didn’t like the answer. One of them told me : “You could be a serial killer, choping heads”. Pff! what an idea… So, they told me that the fine was big and I should move straight away on a private land or where I’m working. Here, this is Crown land and I could stay one or two night but not three weeks… Ok, ok…


I’ve call Major, the boss of the farm where I’m working because he asked me several times if I wanted to stay on his land. He is still ok so I don’t have anytime to loose because it’s already 5pm and it’s getting dark! Let’s pack!


Hey, hey! The program is changing so fast here :-) I talked with John about my story. He was doing something with his wife when the police was here and didn’t see them. He told me that I could stay in his garden with no problem so…


This is my new spot :-) about 40m from the origninal.


Okay now, let’s pitch my tent again :-) See ya!

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