Woolgoolga, back in time


After more than a year, nearly nothing here. Even the the foot print of my tent is still here! The grass needs a very long time to recover. When I was camping there I proposed to John to change the emplacement of my tent sometimes to avoid the grass to die but he told me that was fine. Well, this grass is dead now. It’s not a big deal but…


When I left, John was changing his terrace. I did not see the result until today and it looks very good now. He used to have 3 different type of wood creating 3 different areas with different levels. Now it’s all in one big piece and completely flat which is much safer.


The vege garden. The trees had an hair cut, a really short one. Even the Popo tree is short. I can see that the fence I’ve repaired last year is still working. Good!


hey :-)

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