Wongyarra > Port Augusta (88km, 4h10)


Today, I want to reach Port Augusta and go to a Telstra shop to get a new SIM card. That way I will have more coverage along the way. (ps: I will have a new phone number too because it’s faster and easier doing this that way). Then, I will have to go shopping to get a week of food and plenty of water. I’m not worried about this next step. I just don’t want to spend too much money along the way because the food is going to be more expensive for sure! This is a cloudy day again and this morning was freezing! But the hot coffee helped!


Wongyarra Cycling



This is Melrose here. The environment is a bit different here has there is mountains! The highway is certainly flat and easy but, as I said, I prefer to stay out of it as long as I can. ANd this is nice around here :-)


Some old fashioned buildings :-)


Adelaide, 269km. I’ve done a fair distance already since :-) I will have a break for few minutes.


And this is Wilmington where I just had my lunch break this time. I’ve got nearly no food and water now as I will be in Port Augusta in about two hours. I think some hills are coming soon so I will be lighter which is good!


Here are they!


Adelaide hills 2?


This is Horrocks Pass at almost 500m high. From now it’s downhill all the way to Port Augusta (I hope).


Ho, That was good!


Now, look the other side, where I’m going. It’s pretty flat now. I’m still 250m high so I will be on a slope for a while :-)


This is the highway. I’m gonna follow this one until I will turn off to go to Uluru now. It might be 2000km or more haha. Few! I’m already tired ;-) Next step, find everything I need in Port Augusta! See ya!

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