Wat Don Sai > Wat Thung Sai Thong (50km)


Today for the first time since Malaysia, we reached the east coast and the gulf of Thailand. The beaches here are not as touristy than the one in the south west, at least, not yet. We had to come back on the highway for a little while but we took the opportunity to stop at a petrol station, get some water, clean some clothes, have an extra shower and work in a cafe. The new deal now is to find the “Amazon Cafe” which have Wifi and plugs to charge all we need. Very easy life :-)



Back to this morning, that’s where we slept last night. No one bothered us except roosters who shouted too early this morning… Bloody chicken!


We still don’t really know if this place is a temple or a community within a temple. There is many different buildings, lots of free space. Yesterday evening we saw monks arriving by car. That means they don’t live here. Never mind, let’s ride.


A short time after we got on the road again, we saw that huge Buddha on a hill. The big ugly thing made with concrete on its right looks like a giant water reservoir to me. They should have use the Buddha itself or paint that reservoir in golden color!


I could have photoshop the reservoir but it takes too long ;-) That’s reality. Actually, maybe that piece of concrete is not finished yet. Hmm…


After a long break on working in an Amazon Cafe at a petrol station we are back on the road again. This time, we head to the sea! We found a temple that is nearly on the beach. Better than an expensive resort haha.


That’s a little while we did not see tourists :-) Of course, whenever there is a beach we multiply the chance to see more of them, of us :-) No, we are travellers and tourist sometimes only.


Wow! So crowded here!


That’s the sea fault! Look at all this rubbish… Damn pollution….


I’m always looking for a flip-flop replacement incase mine break. Actually, I have one too long and one a bit too short. Unfortunately, even with a wide choice, I cannot find the one I need.


Oooh, poor dolphin miscarried on the beach.


Few Thai tourist and lots of space!


You can do anything with palm trees  :-)


Let’s have a walk around.


Hmm, interesting… What is making these little sand balls?


That’s a precise work, isn’t it? Any idea?


This tiny crab is doing them all!

The proof in that short video.


That’s it for today, I don’t know where is Stephane but I’m going to check the temple to see if I can meet a Monk and ask to stay for the night.


This temple is very big! Lots of free space too like the one this morning. I saw first a monk working. He was digging the ground and spreading dirt around. Then I’ve seen another one who just ignored me. Finally I could talk with one of them. Straight away the Monk accepted and few minutes later, our campsite was set up. Two of them even came back to give us a candle and a mosquito repellant. Kapunkaaap :-) The last objective of today is to find a cheap place where to eat. Easy :-)

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