Wat Doa Loi > Pee Ta’s place (14km)


Here we are, Pita’s place :-) We met 4 months ago in Singapore and now I’m visiting her :-) I expect to help on her mud house project. She does this by herself so it’s very long and not always possible to work alone. When I met Pita, I told her I would stay one week with her. Stephane will leave earlier but we will meet again in Bangkok. Today, I need a rest day. Kate, the other person I was cycling with from Singapore to Malacca gave Pita the magic recipe for me to eat every day until I get better: boiled rice and… boiled rice. That’s all?! That’s not going to be funny… Pita brought me to the local doctor too. What I’ve got is some energetic powder and some pills call “Norflox 400mg”. The funny thing is few days earlier, Sebastien talked about this medicine. He recommended us to buy some incase of food infection which can happen. Ah! I could not have choose a better time to get sick. Anyway, I will certainly feel better tomorrow and will start working on Pita’s Adobe house.

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