Walker Creek > Darwin (113km, 6h)

Big day today! Originally, my plan was to visit Litchfield National Park in four days but because I’ve started very early this morning and there was not really good spots where to stop for lunch I’ve just kept going. I was like attracted by the city, especially the final point in Australia for me. Just when I arrived on the other side, I had an unexpected experience, I met interesting adventurers who are travelling around the world on a wonderful sailing boat!


Walker Creek Cycling



This morning I’ve packed everything at 6:15am and started walking down to the car park.


I like cycling when the weather is still fresh and without any traffic on the road.


Sunrise colours.


There is a Kangaroo over there on the side of the road. Actually there was two when I approached to them by they jumped away. I’ve done 7km on the sealed road and I’m now no a gravel road.


The sun is coming.


Let’s have break. I’ve seen something interesting :-)


More Magnetic Termite :-)


This time we can get closer to them. I don’t want to touch them but just see the side of those mount.


Like this. So the north is front of me. Thanks guys :-)


A truck has just overtaken me and I’m breathing dust now… There is few corrugations on the road. I was aware of that because of Joe but it’s still not nice to cycle on those tiny “sand waves”. Too much vibrations.


After 13km on the gravel road I’ve reached the sealed road again. I had my break time when I discovered this “thing” on my wheel. Yesterday at Wangi falls where I met Joe and Basti, we saw the same “thing” which is actually an insect, a “camouflage” caterpillar! Crazy!


The last bit of sealed road only 1.5km long and I came back on the gravel road but this part is better than the first one.


60km break! 50 more and I will get to the ferry. Come on!


I’ve done around 94km now. This place is another Aboriginal community but I need nothing special. I will buy all I need in Darwin for a cheaper price.


I can do it!


Mandorah is just there.


There is nothing here. I’ve been to the supermarket in Wagait Beach. I wanted to buy a drink but like so many tiny supermarket they don’t show the prices. I don’t like this principle of hiding the price of products so now when it’s the case I ask the price of everything to annoy the guy or I just walk out.


This beach is the best place to be eaten by a croc :-)


That’s Darwin!


I met two fisherman here and they offer me some hot chips :-) Thanks!


That’s a good spot for fishing apparently.


One of the guy got a Queen fish. Pretty big!


About an hour later, the ferry arrived and I’m now on my way to Darwin.






Coming :-) This is the end!


I was on the deck down there, assembling my bike and trailer together when I met 3 French guys sitting in their sailing boat, a wonderful sailing boat. They are four on board, Nicole and Jose from “Les Antilles”, Jean-Louis (the captain). I don’t know where is he from actually but he is travelling on this boat since 18 years! Wow! And there is Jack a team member that they picked in Noumea. He is going to stay in Darwin as they are continuing their trip to Indonesia.
They invited me for a chat on board and offer me a very nice fresh drink (water and mint). That’s such a long time I drunk mint. Jose even show me around. I was so curious to see the inside as I’ve always loved tiny places where every single space as its own function. There is no waste. This boat is simply Wow! I wish I could take some pictures to remember how beautiful it was inside but that’s their private place and I respect that naturally. This sailing boat is 22 metres long, has 4 bedrooms, one kitchen, one living room, a machine room, a cockpit room, a garage room. It’s just wonderful and very inspiring. Jose, Nicole and Jean Louis started travelling in March 2013 from their home (Les Antilles). They went across so many islands that I can’t remember the names already. They crossed the canal of Panama, the Pacific, then reached some islands like Vanuatu, New Caledonia. They continued to the Torres Strait and finally in Darwin. It’s a very general way to explain because it took them 3 years to do this. I will see them tomorrow evening again for a drink. Thanks guys! I really enjoy meeting you :-)


This is the Marina of Darwin where they will stay tomorrow and for few days or weeks.


I’m now have a quick look around to find a spot for the night.


This days was full on. Especially after having met those guys and their amazing trip on an amazing boat. I will have so many question to ask because I’m, more than ever, thinking about doing a trip like they do! For once, I was asking the questions :-) How do you do this? do that? Where have you been? How much does this or that cost? haha :-) WOw!

4 thoughts on “Walker Creek > Darwin (113km, 6h)

  1. That is just Awesome Damien !! You did it !!! you are living the dream…. Look forward to chatting on Thursday… A big CONGRATULATIONS from Marco, Martin and Yoko…… PS.. Maybe jump on the boat with them in Indonesia ??!!!

  2. Heu ! Moi je veux bien que tu partes en bateau en Indonésie, mais tu te rappelles qu’on doit se retrouver à Bali dans quelques jours. Alors tu viens à Bali, et après tu les retrouves sur leur bateau si tu veux ! Lol

  3. The ocean is beautifully blue! How nice!
    The bug on your wheel stayed to Darwin? It must had been so fast spinning, didn’t him get motion sickness…

  4. Hey Damien! what a journey you have its amazing two years in Australia meet lovely people, plenty of Adventures, works, cycling thousands of km. rain , wind, cold and hot you are a Survivor! Congratulation for your amazing journey and thank you so much for the beautiful photos.

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