Houai Ngam > Taothane (93km)


That’s quite a long trip today but that’s normal because the road is not that hard anymore. And Today, I met Bright, a Chinese guy who is cycling from Chengdu (China) to somewhere :-) He doesn’t really know. He has a simple mountain bike and a backpack, that’s it. Late this morning, as I was going very slowly up hill, Bright arrived next to me. Both of us are going to Vientiane so if I can follow him or if he as the patience to wait for me, we will make it together towards the capital city. Let’s see :-)

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Wat Tanod Luang > Wat Doa Loi (76km)


After two days off, we are back on the road, good! Except I have a stomachache that doesn’t seem to disappear. The last few days has been very windy. This morning was fine but after 8am the headwind hit again. Eddie and Manon were right, we are now in Camargue haha. Well, it doesn’t look exactly like this from what I remember but it does not match the image I had of Thailand! There is hectares of salty water and hundreds of people working in the “fields”. Today we met two other cyclists, Ronan from France and another guy from England who is doing a 3 weeks trip with a folding bicycle. During we stopped to take some picture we saw 4 other cyclists on the road going the opposite way of us. Later, we were cycling on a secondary road and saw one more French guy cycling by himself. When he saw us, he just said “Salut”. He knew we were French but we did not even talk to him. That’s 7 people touring today!

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Wat Thanmikaram Municipal School > Pran Buri beach (91km)


This area is full of adventurous cyclists. Today we have seen 7 of them! Yes, seven! We did not stop to talk with all of them but we met those two guys, Manon and Eddie from France who have just started from Bangkok. It was just time for lunch so we spent some time together. Then, this afternoon, we kept on going until we reached Pran Buri where we had an appointment with Sebastien, a Stephane’s friend from France who lives in Thailand since more than 10 years. He his a photographer too :-)

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Phraphut Kiti Sirichai > Wat Thanmikaram Municipal School (80km)


Few! my blog is still surviving! The last two weeks were full of different events and I did not find any time to write anything. Well, I kept doing the images, the maps and uploading some tiny videos but everything was offline. Very useful isn’t it? I’m now in Bangkok, but let’s come back two weeks earlier, here when I left the story. We are back in time :-) That following day started really early this morning. Stephane wanted to catch the early lights this morning so we woke up at 5am. The night was very short as we had to change our spot in the middle of the night because that bloody dog never stopped barking at us. Result: four hours of sleep, shuh! Behind this picture, there is actually two: One for the sky, and one for the temple. I think I’ve pushed my camera to its limits this time. The quality is not as good as I would like but the next camera of my dream is far too expensive and maybe too big too for my travel style. I have a week to think about it before getting to Bangkok. Anyway, let’s start that day before I forget everything haha :-)

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Melaka, Arjan, Kate and Pee Ta continue their trip


Only one day of rest and The Thai team is already on the starting blocks. As I mentioned before, they don’t have much time and nearly know already where are they going to stop every night. They have friends on the way too. They wanted me to follow them again but this is not what I want. I want to rest, take the time, enjoy. I don’t need to rush. I will stay here as long as I need until I’ve uploaded all my website. Then I will decide where I go and when. Enjoy your trip guys and see you later in Thailand :-)

Singapore, visit guided by Hong with Arjan, Kate and Pee Ta


This morning, I was packing my hammock when three guys walked towards me to ask some questions. I realised only few minutes later that they were cyclists too. In fact yesterday night when I came back on the beach, I’ve seen bicycles loaded with bags but I thought it was those guys who live here. It was dark so I could not see clearly. Straight away they invited me to follow them around. I’ve met one of their Singaporean friend called Hong. Lot’s of surprises today!

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Robe > Salt creek (108km, 4h30)

This is a new day, one more towards Adelaide and especially Darwin. I still have a long way to go but I’ve done well already. It might be around 1800km and I have more than 3000km coming haha :-) So far, this is the fastest cycling day I had. I think I said that yesterday but I did not know how the wind would be today! This is crazy (for me) I was sometimes riding for a little while at more than 30 km/h! FouaaaH! This is lighting fast! And I’ve met late this afternoon two cyclists, Cindy and MJ, going the opposite way :-) Unfortunately for them they are struggling the wind which is my best friend today!

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