Hayes Creek > Batchelor (98km, 4h50)


I’ve got the right pace these days. I sleep in the bush each night and for lunch I reach a town where I can avoid the heat and buy some refreshment, perfect timing again ;-) I wasn’t sure if I would reach Batchelor today but there was an unexpected shortcut of 10km so I finally made it. And to celebrate that I had a an expensive tiny frozen pizza :-)

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Kings rest area > Barunga festival (34km, 1h50)


I left as early as I could this morning and arrived at the festival just when they opened the doors :-) Perfect timing! This is more the preparation day and there is not much to do but at least I paid to sleep somewhere so it’s better than nothing. The guy are repeating on the main stage and the shops are taking place around. Lucky me, this community has even a library so I’ve been there for one hour to charge my phone and laptop :-)

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Warloch rest area > Mataranka > Thermal pool (45km, 2h10)

Yes, it did rain last night but not as heavy as I was afroad of. And today, the good weather is coming back, good! For the first time in Australia I had the chance to taste a natural thermal pool and I must say, it’s very VERY nice :-) Not even crowded, like ten people at a time and all stayed together when the other half was empty most of the time. People were maybe scared of the rapids where I found that spot being the best. Very nice place!

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Dunmarra campsite > Maryfield area (80km, 3h50)

After two and a half days doing nothing I’m back on the saddle! I still have 3 weeks to go until I fly from Darwin to Bali so I will surely stop in different other places like Mataranka, Katherine, Edith Falls and I don’t know yet. I wish I had more food with me because life is expensive around here. And every road house sell nearly the same stuff like: ice creams, beers, soft drinks, Chips, and spare pieces. How can I get food for my breakfast with that?! Anyway, I’ll make it!

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