Salok Bat > Tudongkasatan (84km)


I’ve just realised how come we have done that much kilometres today. I did not take much pictures and the wind pushed us ;-) After two days of rest we are back on the saddle for the second part of our trip to Chiang Mai. This morning, we left Salok Bat and June behind. Kondhin cycled with us for about 10km. He said he felt good. He used to be a monk for many years and used to walk a lot around the country. He walks more than 20.000km! So today, he feels that same way, the adventure :-) Early this morning we came across a music school lesson and listened to traditional (loud) music for a moment. Then we kept on going until we stopped for lunch and a rest. Later this afternoon we pushed forward until we reach the temple for the night.

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Elsey National Park > Kings rest area (77km, 3h15)


I’m still not sure if I’m going to the Festival or not as I’ve discovered that the price was $40 per person and not free as said the woman I met about a week ago at the Pink Panther Roadhouse. I know the turn off is something like 50km after Mataranka so I will stop somewhere there for the night and will decide tonight.

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Tennant Creek Telegraph Station > Runner Springs (150km, 6h35)

Last night was very good. I’ve heard someone driving around maybe around 9, 10 or 11pm. I was asleep and heard a engine outside. The car disappeared and it stayed quiet the whole night. BIG day ever today! I’ve never thought I would be able to cycle 150 on day but that’s it :-) I remember the day I met a german motorcyclist back on the west coast of New Zealand. He told me when I would be in Australia I would do 150km to 200km per day with a good tailwind. It did not happen very often though. I’m not trying to be as fast as I can as I’ve got time but after that lazy day yesterday, I don’t know, I feel like cycling :-) And look at that landscape! Amazing sky! Amazing straight road! Everything is perfect haha :-)

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Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles) camping area > Tennant Creek (105km, 4h25)


I did start very early this morning. Last night was very windy and I hope strongly that it would be the same today as the wind comes from east/southeast. It shook my tent the whole night! At 6:15am, I’ve started packing. At 6:45am, I was on the road :-) The road towards Tennant Creek is still straight and I’ve seen a lot of campervan overtaking me. Then, one more car overtaken me and this time I knew who it was. I met those guys in Alice Springs less than a week ago front of the library. We left Alice the next day at the same time. They firstly went south to visit Uluru and Kings Canyon. We knew they would pass me on their way to Darwin around yesterday or today.

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