Dumai (10km) > ferry express (~120km, 1h20) > Malacca (5km)


I’ve been telling that story for a while now: “I’m going to Dumai to catch a ferry to Malacca, Malaysia”. I’ve learned how to say it in Indonesian: “Saya mau pergi Dumai dan ferry di Malacca, Malaysia”. Today is the day, I got there :-) This morning we did a photoshoot with the family, friends and neighbours. The man I met yesterday, his wife and their son guided me through to city. Firstly we went to the place where to purchase the ferry ticket (300.000 IDR about $30 AUD) and then to the ferry station. I don’t know the address as I was following the guy through the city on his scooter. Few minutes later I was going towards Malacca at a pretty fast speed. The trip last around 1 hour and 20 minutes. When arrived I pass through the immigration. It was much faster than I thought it would be! That’s cool! Then I’ve cycle to my accommodation where I will stay few days and especially work on my blog. I took some time to have a short visit of this new city.

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