Taman Setia Budi > Ferry (56km, 1h37) > Kuah, Langkawi island (83km, 4h40)


Today we keep travelling towards Thailand which is becoming very close. We left the village “Setia Budi ” this morning and cycled until Kota Kuala Kedah to catch a ferry to Langkawi. From Malaysia, there is three cities that operate this trip: Penang (the furthest), Kota Kuala Kedah and Kuala Perlis (the closest). Of course, longer the trip is, more expensive the ticket will be. One way ticket cost 23 ringgit plus an extra of 18 ringgit for the bicycle. There is several ferries during the day. We let go the 6pm and caught the one at 7pm, the last one, to have the time to eat something. Once in Kuah (Langkawi) we simply slept in a tiny park just outside the ferry terminal as it was already dark.

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