Sungai Selari > Desa Sepahat (dormitory school) (45km)


Lots of variety today :-) I had a good sleep last night. The guys did not come back to sleep with me ;-) I left quite early as I was largely visible from the road. For the first time since I’ve been in Sumatra, I could see the sea! Then I was invited to have a drink with people who organised a wedding. I met two other cyclist from Ukraine! And finally when I stopped in a Warung for lunch I met two students who invited me to spend the rest of the afternoon and the night in their dormitory. I really enjoy the time with them. Two of the girls spoke a good english so we could exchange a lot and learn from each other. One of the best in Sumatra! Thanks guys! Unfortunately I could not stay longer because tomorrow is my last day. Then I will catch the boat to Malacca :-)



It’s 7:30am now and I’m already on the road youhou! This is the same kind of concrete road few day ago but this one looks less thick and it’s not in good shape.


Hop, I’m in a city and this place is particular. Guess why? What is the special thing that make that boring picture interesting? There is a rubbish bin! So this is possible! It can work maybe! I wish the people here understand that is important to recycle or at least to collect rubbish.


I’ve never seen this kind of building before.


It’s very nice, very design.


I was cycling like normal, when I’ve seen a path that leads to the sea or the ocean. Actually it’s called Malacca strait.


I did not expect to find this at the end but something more like a beach… No?


The nice building is over there.


Well, nope, it’s not a beach.


It’s the end of the land and the beginning of the water, nothing else.


There is those wired building around here. I don’t know what they put in it? people? Maybe just at the front. And onto the top, at the back, this hole seems to be an entrance for birds. Several times now when I’ve passed next to a building like this, there is a very loud sound of bird singing but I cannot figure it out if it’s a speaker or real birds. It’s strange…


Hey, again, another chinese temple (I guess).


Yes, looks like chinese to me.


Again! The house in the forest and behind this high building with birds singing loudly inside and around. Maybe it’s simply an aviary?


Nevermind, I continue my way quietly.


This house looks good as well.


The rambutan break. Ali gave me a lot yesterday :-)


Houuu, looks like there is wedding in preparation here.


Hooo, for the first time since I was travelling through Asia I meet finally some touring cyclists. These guys are coming from Ukraine and have been cycling from home! We did not have a lot of time to talk because they have an appointment somewhere in Sumatra. They are also musicians and organised concerts during their travels to make some money obviously. Everyday they register their story on tape and send their work to a radio in Ukraine. They also get their camera from Canon and send them some pictures from time to time. This way, they can keep going.


Have fun guys, enjoy Indonesia! I’m sure you will.


That’s lunch time :-)


The food was expensive their. Fortunately when I wanted to pay, the woman did not want my big money so I gave her all the small one I had. That way I had a discount. Well, I would say, that way I did not pay the extra white tax.


I keep cycling, the road is easy.


The Ukrainien guys told me the reason why there is many flags set up along the road. That’s because on the 17th of August, this is the day of independence of Indonesia. Just when I leave!


This yellow house is kind of new and the girls on the scooter are matching it ;-)


I like this on too with its flashy green windows.


What are they doing here?


Building boats are cutting them out? I cannot say.


I wonder if it a construction port or a boat graveyard.


Many times I’ve seen young students riding their bike this way but could never catch one.


When they saw me overtaking them, they start shooting at me plus laughing at the same time. So I slowed down to let them catch me up :-)


One bmx, two guys on it. You would not see that everyday in France for sure. Or you would have the police around saying “Stop this, I cannot do this, what is your ID? where are your parent?. Bloody robots…


I could not avoid them :-) I was cycling, looking around and say hello to this family? I’m not sure. I did 10 more metres and some of them shouted, “photos photos!”. Ok ok, I’m coming back :-) Then, across the road was another wedding organised and some kids were coming in my direction. The people I’ve just met here pushed almost pushed me to go and visit the other side of the road where the wedding was. Finally I spent 20 minute there, taking pictures with everyone who wanted to. They proposed me water, food, to spend the afternoon with them. They don’t know something, I DO NOT like wedding and NEVER did! :-) Sorry guys but I want to keep cycling (that’s true). Actually, at this particular time I forgot I did not like weddings haha. I was focused and cycling as far as I could.


AH, hey, another example here :-) Look at this one, What about the size of the dome? Too small? Too big? and why THIS size? I must find out before it prevent me to sleep ;-)


Why did I take this picture? On the left hand side, there is a warung. And on the right hand side there is a school you can not see actually. In the middle, even worse, there is nothing to see ah ah ah :-) AH, yes! the clouds of course! This is why I’m gonna stop…


… here ;-)


Having some chicken plus rice ;-) Later, Two students came in. The girl speaks a wonderful english. The guy not really but he seems nice. We had a chat and they asked me where I was coming from. They ordered some food, left the place and came back five minutes later. We had another chat :-)


The girl had some fruit she wanted to share with me. I’ve never seen those before. I tried one, hmm, very good! Then two, then three, then the whole lot! So nice! It’s a kind of litchi as well but the shape is different this time. It’s called Dun Dun fruit. Good good :-)


You peel it.


That comes easily in parts like this.


And if you are careful enough you can obtain wedges. There is no stone or anything. This fruit, is watery and tasty. Very nice!


Finally the two guys offered me to follow them to their school and meet their friends. They even payed my lunch! Thank you very much! So I followed them to their dormitory which was one minute away and we sat in that room. We talked and talked and talked about anything like politics, ecology, studies, life, travel. I wish everyone would speak good english like the one on the bottom right hand side. The one, on the bottom left hand side spoke quite good as well. They are all coming from a different part of Indonesia and came here to do a kind of internship. They try so sensibilize children at the environment by showing them how to recycle, how to take care of the water. That is a very good thing! You do a very important job guys! That’s great :-)


Then, one of the student offered me a bracelet that’s made in the Kalimantan area, in the Borneo island from where he is coming from. This bracelet was very nice but far to big for me. So, he came out and come back few seconds later with a piece of Tumbuhan Pakis. This is a kind of fern who grow in his region. I’m very impressed and love the concept of having a bracelet made from natural fiber and plaited directly on the harm.


I’d love to learn how to do it but I did not look carefully how he did it because I was talking with the guys. It will remain a mystery!


That looks sooo nice! This is the best bracelet I ever had! Thank you so much for your time.


Houu the last part… Am I going to lose my harm? Few, no! I survived ;-)


I was not sure yet if I wanted to continue cycling today. I’ve done already my minimum which is 50. Well, I think I’ve done it because my GPS is broken. It keeps turning off several time per day without notice me. Or it freeze. That’s so annoying! But this is not so important. At least, I could stay until 5pm and when it came to the time I should have to leave, the rain started pouring. So, I took it as a sign and decide to stay with the group for the night ;-)


They cooked everything and we had a nice dinner all together :-)


They are very nice with me and do my best to be nice with them! Sometimes they all speak together and I don’t get a word of what they are talking about but I don’t mind. I even like it ;-) My brain might pick some words here and there and soon or later I will speak Indonesian fluently ah ah ;-)

Video of this evening’s atmosphere.


Later after dinner, I joined the boys dormitory where (I don’t remember his name as well), where the guy with the blue shirt made me a teh telor, the same tea with an egg inside. He said the same thing as the other family in the warung: “it gives you strengh”. Well, it must be true though!


The chief of the club! (not me, hey).


Mister Teh telor and mister scout, the man who offered me the bracelet. He loves nature and back in his island, in Kalimantan, he is part of a club who go in the forest and live in hut for few days or more. He showed me lots of pictures on his phone and it looks very good! Guys, thank you for today, it was great, I had an awesome time!

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