Sungai Besar > Tapah road (86km)


Hello, today is the third day towards Cameron Highlands, our temporary destination. Thanks for the GPS coupled with Google maps to show us all the tiniest road along the way. We have cycled 60% on highway and 40% person on tiny roads even tracks sometimes. It’s much better like this, especially early morning when we are the witness of the sunrise :-)



This is where we slept last night. Yesterday night we had a concert between: a karaoke nearby, dogs (many dogs), boom boom music from a neighbour and the constant cars driving around. That’s was not the quite place ever but we had a roof in case heavy rain would come back. It’s now 6:30am. We are ready to go.


Very misty at this time.


Around 7:30am we reach a small town called Sabah Bernam and stopped for breakfast.


I’ve got a chicken soup ;-)


Nearly an hour later we are back on the road. This river, Sungai Bernam (Sungai means river in Malay) is the border between Two regions: Selangor and Perak. Welcome Perak :-)


After a bit of main road we came back to the real one. That’s what cycling is about: the bush! The adventure!


Oooh, did not expect something like this.


What they use those railway for? And, are they still using them?


At least there is some trolley. Are they full?


Nope, empty. We are in a palm oil farm (again) so they must be use to collect the fruits. For sure!


The road is open, let’s keep going.


In the middle of a young palm oil field, an Indu temple. Who works here?


Ok, the trolley are being used but not the way we thought. That’s a tractor who pull a trolley but this one has been modified to be used on the path. Why not…


Back on the main road. There is some tractors but they are much faster!


Luckily there is a full line for us :-) it’s actually for scooters but works perfectly in our case.


We finally reached Teluk Intan where we had lunch in an Indian place. After that we looked for a place where to have a nap and wait during the hot hours to pass by. This place is where people come to learn how to drive. We can observe, applause and even booh the youngsters when they make a mistake front of us :-) Nooo, we don’t do that. At nearly 3pm, a guy came to us and said we could not stay here. Ok, OK, we move on. This is the problem with Malaysia: There is not much public parks (except in big cities) where we can relax for a while. There is no wild (clean) beaches, at least, not yet. Many times, when we stop somewhere, we fill we should hide.


We found another place next to a bridge and stayed 45min until 4 o’clock called us. Back on the road!


A slight tail wind to enjoy the ride.


Nice house.


Nice bicycles ;-)


Nice river :-) (I’m lazy).


Finally we made it to Tapah road, a tiny village with a huge train station where no train stops… You see the house on the right hand side? We are going to sleep behind it tonight. There is grass for Stephane and trees for me.


Before that let’s have dinner. This malay place looks good.


The street is quiet.


And the food is nice. A French fries plate for 3 Ringgit, a fried rice ananas (Nasi goreng Nanas) for 4.50 Ringgit and two fresh juice for 2 Ringgit each. Still a good deal :-) Good night!

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