Singapore, meeting with Michael


Today, I’ve finally met Michael again (on the right hand side). We met the same day when I met David. Michael was training with a friend that morning. He would like to cycle around like me so I hope I will answer to all his questions. Today we met front of a very nice bicycle shop called “Hello Bicycle“. The guy with the tattoo is the boss :-)


Let’s come back to this morning :-) After the adventure night I had last night, I’ve decided to move a bit further deep in the park to avoid the wind. I’m not sure it’s going to change many things but I will know that as soon as the wind comes back.


Last night I’ve set up the tarp straight away but no rain or wind came by. It was really quiet.


One more time, my super hammock :-)


Second view.


10 minutes later, everything is packed, I had some breakfast and I’m ready to go to the library :-)


The beach is not that far. Look at all the tent there is!


Only area D and G are places where we can camp.


This is the toilet place where I’ve finish my night last time.


There is even more tents on this side.


That was my bedroom, right next to the toilets ;-)


Ok, let’s do the same trip I do since the last few days.


By the way, the haze is still very bad today… There is certainly more ship further behind this one but we can not see any.


To leave the park and reach the food centre or the library, I must use that tunnel. Everyday I can see that sign : 1000$ fine if the police catch you cycling here. Ok, ok.




Out on the other side. I’m close to where Dave is living. The food centre is on the left side but I will turn right to get to the library.


I like this system, each apartment has an outside clothes line which consist on metal bars that sticks out under the window. I imagine some of the clothes might fall down sometimes.


Library opens at 10am. I thought it was 9am… I’m here early for the first time apparently :-)


When I was in the library, I received an email from Michael. He gave me this address. They sell two Budnitz bicycles here! which is the same brand has mine. They have the Model n°1 and an “old” n°5. That’s cool I can see them in real :-)


Here he is, Michael. We talked with the boss of the shop as well. He did himself some touring and loved it, of course!

Then, we went to a place to have a drink in a trendy cafe. The building used to be a school, and it’s now a design centre where they organise expositions.


Back in the shop for a second round :-)


Wow! This is a very design bell by Spurcycle. If I had some money to spend I would definitely get that one. This shop is dangerous. There is lots of quality products. I’ve already cracked my wallet and offered my a new pair of handle. The original ones that come with my bike are very mushi. It’s was ok at the beginning but now they are sticky, gluy… My hands are always black after I a riding day. I’ve bought some leather handles like the saddle. The feeling is ten is so much better. Next time, this bell :-)

As soon as we got out of the shop, I swapped the old handles with the new ones. They look great :-) I’ve nearly finished packing my stuff that Michael gave me a present: The nice bell I’ve seen in the shop previously! But, heu, arf! No! Wow, thanks so much Michael! This one is going to fit my handle bar perfectly :-)

Finally we walked for a little while until we reached another cafe and had some dinner. For sure, next time, I’m offering! We spend few hours talking about travels and life styles. That was interesting. Then, we came back front of the same bicycle shop where we met first and split there. I won’t come back to the beach tonight because I’ve got an appointment at the Balestier Towers tomorrow morning to see Vic and David. I’m invited to be a judge for a fashion show organised by the Filipinos community. This is going to be interesting I guess.


Here I am, I’ve been cycling up north towards the MacRitchie Reservoir Park. There is a big lake, it’s very quiet, I should find a good spot for the night.


I thought about sleeping under this roof which is situated at the end of a short pier but I could not see any way to fix my hammock. I will go around and find a better place. See ya!

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