Singapore, cycling around to try playing some ping-pong (55km loop)


This is the only picture for today. Yesterday I’ve done some research about where I could find a place where to play ping-pong. There is certainly clubs and other free place here! When I’ve started looking, I could only find places where we need to book. That means I need to find a partner before and then pay 10$ for on hour. This is very silly and expensive! Then I found a place which is about 20km from where I stay. This place is like the one in Sydney. You get there, wait a bit and met a player with who to play. Easy, fun, efficient and free! Even if I had to pay few dollars it would be okay. The fact that we must book a table for certain hours make thing complicate for nothing.


Firstly, this morning I’ve decided to cycle towards the airport to visit the entire beach and see the good spots where I could camp the following nights. I don’t want to stay on the campsite during the weekdays because I cannot get any permit and guards are often checking people apparently.

Once I’ve done that I started cycling towards the community hall. When I arrived there about an hour later, the woman had no idea that this place existed. I don’t know why but I had a bad feeling about this before I got there. She kindly try to help and called different numbers for me but we didn’t find any place like the one I’ve seen on internet. This club has been created in 2011, it’s not very old. They might change their emplacement or simply close it because it was free, maybe. That’s bad luck!
All the other places, I must book and come with someone else so it’s not possible to play pingpong in Singapore for me. S**t! I’ve done twenty kilometres for nothing and I must come back. Well, I don’t have to come back because I have everything with me but I like the beach :-) I had the opportunity to visit another side of the city but it’s only roads, highways, trafic light and buildings. Not very interesting though.

I finally made my way back to the city center and looked for a library again. About 15 km later I found one and a place where I could eat cheap food. That’s the perfect spot :-) So I’ve spent the rest of the day there and then came back to the beach have a nice shower and sleep. 55km kilometres today, just in Singapore!

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