Singapore, Chinese mid-Autumn festival mooncake


Everything is in the title but you can have more information on that Wikipedia page :-) I’ve met Dave again today as we do minimum once per week (we must take a picture before I leave Singapore!). We first had lunch at the same food centre next the Marine Parade. Then we walk around the place and finally had a coconut at his place. Dave always wants to buy me something. Today, I did not let him spend his money for me so he gave me one of those mooncake. I’ve never eat something like this before. There is four major chinese festival during the year and the mid-autumn one is one of them. In that case, people offer a mooncake to their family or friends. It’s a famous delicacies and it’s sometimes hard to find because it sold out quickly. Lucky me! I can test one :-) Thanks Dave!


Actually, Dave offered it me yesterday but I could not eat anymore so I kept it with me for the right time, which is now. It reminds me suddenly that last night was one of the worse night ever… Not too many pictures for today but a nice adventurous story to tell ;-)

Once upon a time, I came back on the East Coast beach at night. The breeze was cool, the waves had a peaceful pace. I had a nice cold shower at the public toilets place and came back to set up my hammock at my designed place.
Around 9pm, I was comfortably lying in my “bed” looking at the world news on my phone. There was no wind neither rain. An hour later, I was sleeping, until suddenly I felt few drops… What?! Quickly, I jump out of my hammock, rush to my bike (which was 50 cm away haha) and grab the tarp in my backpack. The rain is like accelerating progressively. I must be very quick. Usually, setting up the hammock takes about 2 minutes max but the tap takes much longer, around 30 minutes. I’m not really get used to yet and still look for solutions to improve the timing. There is ten ropes to fix and I don’t have enough pegs so every time I must find some tricks to fix everything with the limited amount I have.
Well, 30 minutes later, I’m back on my hammock and the rain has stopped… This is annoying…
I go back to sleep, expecting that the rain will come back! I hope! I did not set up this tarp for nothing, please! Actually I did not… around 3:30am the wind start blowing and shortly after the rain becomes part of the game too. Now, this is not funny. During the next 30 minutes, I had one eye open and one close. The wind gets stronger and stronger, hit the tarp violently until it touches the hammock. This is REALLY not funny! I’m now thinking : what do I do? Do I wait? Do I run? but where? haha :-) This is not the best time for joking.
This is around 4am that the adventure starts (I like this!). Suddenly, the wind blows up the tarp! Only two strings remains: the one attached on each trees. The tarp is now on an horizontal position, flapping loudly above my head. Of course at that same time, I’m still lying in my hammock looking at that tarp. The rain hits everything and I realise VERY quickly that I should do something, maybe… I jump out of my “bed” again which, if I’m not quick enough, is going to be a swimming pool very soon. As soon as I stands up, the hammock acts like a kite. All the stuff I had in it blew away… Hey! ho! bloody weather! stay quiet okay?!. It took me maybe 10 minutes to first, pack the hammock, then the tarp, then grabbing the stuff that was spread on the ground. All my stuff was soaking wet…
Once I’ve packed everything, I run with my bike to the next shelter, the public toilets where I’ve previously had my shower. I can see that I’m not the only one in trouble. Some other people on the beach are also battling against the wind and progressively people converge to that same place.
The toilets are very clean fortunately. A guy take care of the place every morning. I’ve found a corner that is still dry so I decide to stay here until a I find a better idea. More drenched people are coming minute after minute. I’m now sitting on my corner and I observe. There are old ones, young one, couples, women with babies. Some come inside and shake their wet tent. I’m not sure that is it a good idea. It’s wet outside so we should keep that place dry and clean, shouldn’t we? They don’t seem to really care. I triy to sleep, sitting on my corner, but some guys sing in the toilets, some other chat just next to me, kids talk like in the middle of the afternoon. Hey guys! it’s 4:30am now… It’s time to sleep…
My seated position becoming painful and the place front of me being still dry I think I will set up my mattrees and try to finish my night…
This is what I call adventure!


Finally to come back to the main story, this mooncake looks good and I think I deserve it :-) See ya!

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