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Well well well, sometimes when I’m not working on my website I’m going out, yes really! I’m cycling around, looking for a new t-shirt. But I want to by a special one: a bamboo t-shirt :-) Since I’m travelling I’ve been using merino t-shirt and so far it works very well. Many travellers on their website talk about merino and it’s benefits. Merino is lightweight, warm, has natural antibacterial properties (means it doesn’t smell bad like cotton), you can wear it several days before it smells a bit which is perfect for travellers like me! I personally rince my t-shirt everyday to keep it even more fresh. Then on the other side, I’ve heard about Bamboo clothings. The first time, I was in Australia, Alice Springs, where I discovered the bamboo socks. I could not imagine how to get from bamboo, like the bamboo stick, to socks… Bamboo seems to have the same kind of benefits than the Merino but from what I’ve tested the materials seems heavier. In fact, all my Merino t-shirts ended with big holes… This website did nice table to compare the materials. So what should I bought today?

What about that picture above. This is art :-) I see this as kids who “surf” on the world of the consumption. This is what I’m doing now. I’m looking for something to buy haha.


Not far from the street art piece, I’ve discovered that little street. Actually Google maps show me where it was because there is a shop (called Zhai) which sell some bamboo clothes somewhere here.

Ok, one t-shirt cost 70$… They have only kind of fashion clothes and this is not really my “cup of tea”. That was the mission of the day. Not the most interesting one but maybe now you know you can buy bamboo clothes ;-)

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  1. I bought a pair of bamboo socks (thick one for working, wearing under the boots) for Martin, and it is looooong time to dry.
    I got him a underpants as well, also taking longer than cotton ones.

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