Port Augusta > Ranges View Rest Area (65km, 3h)


Today is the day! Yes I’ve said that before :-) I’m cycling in the Australian desert for the first time and it’s great. Maybe I won’t say that in a couple of weeks. Thanks TSM for your precious help one more time! I’ve spent almost all my credit already haha. Lots of pasta, bread, nuts, dry fruits, super powder, sugar, sugar and… sugar :-) Ah and I’ve forgot, sugar as well!


Port Augusta Cycling



Last night was good. I was nearly too hot! I went out of the McDonald’s and checked the map to find a park. I just had to turn one left and that was it, pretty quick!


I’ve spent maybe 4 hours in McDonald’s again to finish charging my stuff and do some paper work. Now I’m sure my new Telstra phone number is register with my bank and the government website so I can be contacted if trouble. I just need to jump in Woolies to buy my food for the next week or two, and then, THEN! I will be ready to go!


Woolies is here!


I’m not gonna see water for the next seven weeks now.


I’ve just been on that bridge. Soon I will be out of town, on my own!


Hey no, not too soon. I forgot something before, lunch!


And there is a great spot here.


This is what I bough (again). It might be 8 to 12 kg I guess but I don’t really feel it. And I know the centre is pretty flat so it won’t be a problem. My only concern is: Is my trailer’s wheel is going to support the weight because of this damaged hub. Hope it will!


Look :-) It’s all fit in!


Hiii Haaaa! I’ve never been so happy I guess. Finally Australia will become tough. Hope so!


This is the beginning of nothing. Maybe I won’t have to take pictures anymore and for a while if everything is like this everyday. I just have to put the same picture everyday hahaa.


Arid Lands Botanic Garden. Does not sounds good to me…


This is the view of the Botanical Garden. This is a big garden at least :-)


Back on the main road.


That is a straight line :-)


On my right side.


On my left side.


Behind me (the front is the same but the sun is too bright to get a nice shot).


56km, hey something is happening here! a railway crossing :-)


Hou, the rest area is not too far.


The first 66km in the desert are done! I’ve started late today so this is enough. This is Ranges View Rest Area.


I met a couple on the rest area and they told me about this truck. I’ve seen the police next too it and thought that the driver was speeding or something. Not at all, they are waiting for authorisation, to be able to cross the Railway down there (where I took the picture previously). Because this truck is huge and slow, they want to make sure a train won’t come at the same time because no one could stop. Pff! This is over security I think.

That’s a pretty good size for a truck. I will get some “Road Trains” soon as well.


Anyway, I’ve set up my campsite for the night. This is the kitchen area.


And this is the bedroom area. Better than 5 stars hotel :-)


That’s the view!


Here the French cyclist :-)


Then the food is gonna eat this evening. Actually, I will eat only half of it and keep the rest for tomorrow lunch. I’ve used on of the dry food packet I bought today and they said “6 serve”. Six!? are you sure? I had to add some red lentils to be sure I would have enough.


To finish to day and the visit of my 5 stars palace, look, I’ve got a internet connection! Pretty cool hey? See you (maybe) tomorrow ;-)

3 thoughts on “Port Augusta > Ranges View Rest Area (65km, 3h)

  1. Hi Damien, well you made it to the start of the desert…. Enjoy, there will be some diamonds you will enjoy amongst the sands of boredom…

  2. Eh bé ! Je pense que tu as un côté maso Damien ! Franchement se réjouir que ça va “enfin” être difficile !! Rappelle toi les premiers jours en Nouvelle Zélande, c’étaient eux les plus durs non ?
    Elle est bio toute cette nourriture ? en tous cas la présentation est sympa, tes talents de graphiste ne te font pas défaut ! Et c’est quoi ces zizigouzous tout rose dans ta gamelle ?
    Le camion est impressionnant. Le désert aride également. Tu sais ça me fait penser au film “Bagdad Café”. je crois qu’il a été tourné en Australie d’ailleurs. Faudra que je me renseigne ! Bisous, et bon courage !

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