Pimba > Glendambo (114km, 6h40)


Hey, this is my third day cycling in the Australian desert. Unfortunately, for the second day in a row the wind is against me. It’s not a strong wind though but always a bit annoying. Looking at the map yesterday I realized that Pimba is on the top of a hill. And, I will spend all my day going up hill again. Regards the sightseeing, there is still some salted lakes around today and I got water at Lake Hart rest area (40km from Pimba), nice!


Pimbo elevation



Let’s start from the beginning now :-) I had a great night and the temperature was very nice.


I’m not cold, I just like the T-shirt and its hood for mornings.


it’s now 8:35am and I’m finally on the road. Next destination: Glendambo.


20km, more than an hour later, I take my first break just when there is a basic rest area. This camper van is actually towing this car. Those guys are so well equipped and there is a lot like them on the road.


That’s the view from the rest area. A huge salted lake.


And this is the main highway where I’m heading. Crazy nothing!


Hey, some emus! Here?


40km from Pimba and I’ve reach Lake Hart rest area. There is a rainwater tank with lots of water apparently. They say it’s not drinkable but I will filter it and fill all my bottle. I’m carrying about 7 litres now.

I’ve met Robert here and we had a chat. He told me that his father was a pushbike man as well back in 1936. He did something like 500km from, somewhere between Adelaide and Perth, to Perth in one shot! Like, day and night non stop with a 3 gear bicycle! Robert doesn’t know how he did it but apparently he did. Crazy guy!


Lake Hart. Too big for my camera again.


Back on the road!


The “60km break” :-)


That’s nice to see the train passing by every 2 hours maybe.


I wish I could put my bike on it and travel like this for a day sometimes :-) Would be good!


This is now 102km and I’m nearly there. Come on! This train line is scary!


That’s the way. Hard to be lost.


Only 5 minutes away… Not for everyone! :-)


Finally, FINALLY! I’m here!


I could see the telecommunication tower since a while so I k new the town was here.


This is the hotel restaurant of Glendambo.


There is two petrol stations and one campsite but I’m not going to use it. I will sleep around in the bush. I’ve spotted some public toilets on the other side. The water is not drinkable but I will filter it again tomorrow morning.


This is the real outback and that day was long and a bit hard. I will have a day off soon I guess. Maybe in Coober Pedy or the day before. Fortunately lots of people who pass me on the road say “Hello” or show there thumbs up which is motivated :-)

3 thoughts on “Pimba > Glendambo (114km, 6h40)

  1. De plus en plus Bagdag Café ! Lol.Que de cailloux ! Tu dis que tu vois plein de gens et c’est tant mieux, mais pourtant tous ces endroits paraissent bien déserts !

  2. Nice old wooden restaurant with the windmill. It looks “outback”.
    It looks like you are still enjoying the inland red dirt scenery. :-) Great!

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