Phonsa-at > Namsang (82km)


As you can see, the weather today is a bit, just a bit, covered :-) but lucky me, I didn’t as much rain as I thought. The road was pretty easy today so I did not struggled very much. Sometimes, I get closer to the Mekong and can see Thailand, sometimes the road turns more west and I loose the river for a while. All I’ve done, is cycling, taking pictures and enjoyed this fresh day :-)





The spot I’ve found last night was okay but very muddy. I think it rained for several hours. This morning just by moving around packing my gear, I’ve collected 2cm of mud under my flip flops. It’s quite hard to walk normally in that case. You are like walking on another planet haha. I did not see that also yesterday but I on the other side of the road there is a large parking for truck drivers so they can have some sleep when they need. So it was pretty noisy as trucks came in and out until late. Anyway, let’s pack and go.


I did cycling for an hour and a half before the rain started again. Luckily I already stopped at a tiny restaurant eating my favourite noodle soup.


I’m well protected under my roof :-)


Breaking time is finished and the rain has stopped, cool! I can keep on going. From time to time I can have a glance to the Mekong river when I get close enough.


The Mekong is not too far over there.


Wouch! It’s not raining, not yet, but I’ll get a shower very soon I imagine! Look at the decoration at the front of this petrol station. Yes, that’s rockets. I don’t know why Laos people like showing rockets around the country. When I was in Phonsavan there was a lot. There is even some hidden mines around the area (Phonsavan). People die every year over there because they go walking in the bush and boum! crazy!


Having a short break… The mountains looks impressive with all those clouds surrounding them.


I’m following by the rain! Quick quick!


Aie, aie, aie I should find some shelter soon I guess.


Finally I’ve avoided the rain this afternoon because it didn’t go exactly towards me, few! I made it to a petrol station where I will have a shower (using the toilets as usual) and there is even a restaurant so I will get some dinner here too. I’ve seen a kilometres or 2 ago, in a village, a very nice spot where to sleep tonight. As soon as I’m done here, I will come back there for the night. See you!

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