Patong beach temple > Marine National Park (52km)


I’ve talked several times about them now. I met them the first time in Australia, Darwin. Then we met again in Singapore. Finally we see each other again for the third time in Thailand, Phuket. Yes, they are Nicole, José and Jean-Louis :-) (Jean Louis is not here today but he will be back tomorrow). Since the last 7 months, we bump to each other at different places. They are sailing, I’m pedalling around the world. This time we take a different route. They continue west but I’m going north-east. We never know, maybe one day, we will see each other again :-) I’m very happy to have seen you again. Bon voyage!


The Tikai team want to sell their boat. They are actually remaking the top deck so they are staying in Phuket for the time being and wait for the work to be finish.

One day, I will fit my bike on a boat and continue the adventure that way.

Nicole and José on their boat, the “Tikai”.

Bye bye :-)


Let’s have a look around before we leave the place.


The main gate.


This gate can rotates too close the marine.


The main light house.


The Marina itself.


A large Catamaran.


There is only a tiny river that allows boat to access to the marina. The big one must wait for high tide.


Last one before we go.

During the restt

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  1. Finally I get to know what kind of boat you were talking about!
    PS: I stuck in NZ so I decided to move on to somewhere I am familiar with then I will go back.
    PPS: You really stay 25! Now I want to know the secret.

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