Motukarara > Akaroa (67km, 4h30 to 622m)

Today is still sunny and It’s a pleasure. Careful, there is many pictures because every places were wonderful so it was difficult to limit the picture’s number. Now, I have more work to do :-)


Has I remarked yesterday, there is a cycle rail and Josiane told me about it but I think I missed a part already.

No car and a path just for me, I like that :-)

This path it’s an old railway and it’s called river trail. We know why…

There is several fence like this to get the animals away but with the bike I smash the door directly, vlan!

the lake side or use to be a lake …

Behind me.

The road is quite far and it’s nice :-)

The ground looks dry but it’s covered by the water… Is it possible? Maybe this place was dry for a while before.

Hello :-)

Fouaaa! So straight, so flat, but good warm up for the next part.

I like this picture and the view. Doesn’t looks like New Zealand at all. That’s why it’s my picture of the day :-)

I’m arriving in the sound. I will have to go up hill soon, I’m afroad.

A little break in a DOC’s place. Some chicken seam interested by my chocolate peanuts bar.

A bit in the bush, yes it’s nice too :-)

No transitions, I passed the small town called “Little River” and I’m now on the top (476m exactly) after a 50min ride, Fiou! That’s was easier than I expected but I’m happy to have reached the top!

Frenchs are never far away.

The over side toward Akaroa harbour. There is two road from here : one goes down and turn around the water, the other on, the tourist drive, pass by the summit. I’ll take the summit :-)

Roooh! I found my lunch break place :-)

Hey! What are you doing up there? Get lost? Come on I’m hungry!

Really nice view to eat :-)

Pigeon bay, mouarf!

Whouaaa, I’m going on the right for sure :-)

The view is wonderful!

Video part 01

Video part 02

Okay, Akaroa by the submit fits me :-) 5km more but certainly better view!

I’m turning all around. There is a target, the big boat.

And I would like to sleep here this night, right on the middle of the picture on a kind of peninsula but I don’t know if it’s possible. I will see.

Whouaa, good place for climbing :-) and there is climbers.

Yes here :-)

A picture is not enough to show how is the landscape here.

The same but 120° only.

Yes it’s me :-)

All around I said. Soon I will have a huge downhill haha :-)

The downhill is just behind me now but before a break front of the pacific ocean :-) shuuut…

Akaroa is down there.

Here I am. The descent was really cool. I love disc brake because I can stop if I want haha :-) yes yes, really! ;-)

This small town is nice but…

Many things are write in French. Why?

This park is situated just front of the harbour.

Rah, the cones… Touchy orange color.

I was up there.

I asked the price for one night, one person in a dorm : 32$ oups! Is there any bridge here? For free?

That’s a French tourism place, I’m sure now.

With buses and more but I like.

“Rue Lavaud” OK…

Cool boat, I will have one with 2 mountain bikes and trailers :-)

That’s a good place…

To eat sugar! Hmmm!

haha, I’m in France in fact :-) people around speak French as well.

“La boucherie du village” si si :-)

“Le belle villa” ah bein Ouai c’est sûr. He ho, English please…

Cute street.

Old woody house.

I like the colours.

Really cute and ready for tourist :-)

Oh, a light house, looks more quiet there.

Take a boat to come back? Never!

From the lighthouse.

Yes it is.

It’s nice.

And better in live :-)

View onto a restaurant.

Thank you Chinese man :-)

clouds, the come BACK! NOOOOOO!

Some shops, I don’t want to see the prices … I feel already pain to the a**.

Oooh :-)

Ah, the boat is gone.

They are getting bigger! Where is my bridge?!

Large view.

Left side.

Right side.

I’m eating and it’s getting dark, almost the time to find a free place.

Finally the could seam to stay on there spot. It’s better like this. OK, let’s move I have an idea where I should go. Good night!

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  1. Has you explanation why informations are written in french ? Photographs are very very beautiful, and videos very very tiring ! I can’t look at the third, it is never starting.

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