Melaka, Ringo’s Foyer, Wood floor project


Another project that I chose to start myself: redoing the wooden floor of the rooftop room. The guys who done that before set up the floor the wrong way. They did not cross the piece between each other. I’ve found a circular saw in a dark corner somewhere in the backpacker. It’s just what I need to modify the geometry of the slats. Let’s start!


The room is now empty, let’s pull things apart.


This is how they lay down the wood floor. Sorry but that’s pretty bad…


Now I can start clean.


I will have to clean each wooden slat and will glue them to each other because most of them are damaged. The original “click” function doesn’t work anymore.


This is the beast! It’s working, I’m lucky!


I’ve cut the first slat in half so I can now start laying down the new floor :-)


A day later… That’s not too bad but it could be better. The wall are not very straight so I don’t have the moss between the floor and the wood. It would be much easier. This is recycling, I cannot do better unfortunately.


Four days later :-) This is done. I hope it will last a bit before the slat start collapsing… I think it’s still better than before anyway. That was another project at Ringo’s Foyer. What I’m going to do now?… Writing my blog? Yes, maybe :-)

4 thoughts on “Melaka, Ringo’s Foyer, Wood floor project

  1. It looks much better now! You did very well in the bad condition.

    So, people sleep there with mosquito net and the mattress. It looks pretty comfortable.

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