Melaka, Ringo’s Foyer, Rooftop weather protection project


Howard realised quickly that I like to help and now he comes to me with other ideas :-) I don’t mind. It’s even good because I can have a break working on my future version of my blog and get out of the screen for few hours per day. Howard asked me to build a rain protection on the left side (which is transparent). I’ve done this one and took some time to fixed the sun protection on the front. Easy project :-)


This is how it look at the beginning. That piece of tarp was completely twisted because of the wind. The guys who done that first did not put enough hooks or zip-ties.


First, take everything off.


Howard gave me a roll of plastic which I’ve just cut in nine pieces.


And that’s it :-) The piece of black tarp is now on the bottom and the plastic protection on the top. Unfortunately I don’t have enough plastic to cover the gap on the left side but it’s still better than before.


This is the final result :-) Ok what’s next?

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